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Simply, we're a family owned small business who focuses on outdoor weddings.  We have fun, enjoy hard work, enjoy people, and are in business to help build great marriages!  


The wedding day is your biggest celebration!  We're here to be your helping hand so that you can focus on the prize: marriage to the person you have commited to for life.  We encourage all of our customers to plan for their marriage during wedding planning.  It takes time, courage, and a life-long desire to serve the other person.  We hope you're up for the challenge! 


The Charge to You:

To be the best husband or wife you can be for your spouse.


Take the time to plan for the marriage by creating goals, working on communication, serving the other person rather than yourself, and having a commitment to each other that truly says, "I'm here for you until death."  In our current culture, we don't often see this portrayed in an authentic way.  Some of our parents and grandparents are good examples, but we charge you to set the new standard for marriage and a happy home. 


Later on, you may decide to have children.  They're a gift, and more than anything, they need your love and guidance.  One great way to be an example and show love to your children is by having a great marriage.  The home will be a happy safe place for them to learn what it means to care for others.




Additional info about how we can serve on your wedding day


We take care of the major items involved in having a huge celebration on your own property so that your dreams of having a wedding on location become a reality! 


As you look through the website, you will see that we provide many services.  This has been a huge benefit for past brides and grooms because they enjoy our all-in-one services, communication style, flexibility, knowledge base, and professionalism.      


10 reasons Brides and Grooms like working with us:

1.  We are small, personal, and specific.  

2.  Our staff enjoys their job and looks forward to every unique wedding day.

3.  We offer almost everything you need = 1 vendor, not multiple.   

4.  We are built on a vision of creating a unforgettable wedding day and lasting marriage to follow!

5.  We will know the schedule and details of the wedding day almost better than you will.

6.  My believe in strong marriages and want to help you start out with a big celebration.

7.  We are very flexible.

8.  Outdoor weddings are our focus.

9.  We have high quality equipment and service.   

10. We enjoy communicating well.


Keep in Mind.  

We never promise our brides and grooms the perfect wedding day because it is what you make it.  A day with perfect wedding guests, perfect weather, and no problems might be unrealistic, but we do our best to help take care of the larger items by being an all-in-one source for many of the services you need to make an outdoor wedding possible.  Tips along the way from us will also help you plan and have realistic expectations.  There are always unforeseen circumstances, but we are here to help.   

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Our Story  


Ty's Wedding Rental and Services started because Ty and Alissa enjoy serving people. We also believe in strong traditional marriages and try to bring a positive, encouraging light to each wedding.  After looking through this website, we hope you will want to partner with us and are excited for your wedding day!  (We know you will be.)   


Another point you should know about is that we enjoy communicating.  Your future marriage will benefit greatly from honest communication, and we have also built this idea into our business. Please ask many questions.  Wedding planning is something new that you have most likely never done before.  It's a learning process, and we understand what you’re going through since we have gone through it ourselves.


We started the business in 2013, and it has been so much fun!  During college, Ty worked at a wedding reception hall on the weekends cooking and serving.  He did everything from pre-wedding setup to slicing the pork and cleaning tables.  Ty learned a great deal and came up with a few ideas of his own along the way.


Back in 2013, we started out with a van and 160 chairs and drove all over the Twin Cities serving at park ceremonies.  In these few short years, we have expanded to include all the services you see on the website today.  We wanted to become more involved the entire day, and that is why you see the All-in-One theme througout.  The business has expanded a great deal over the past years, and we thank God for the continued success.


Ty and Alissa were married in 2014 at the family farm and gained even more experience through planning their own wedding.  This was the best wedding we ever served!


You can try to make a wedding happen on your own, but let's be honest.  When you have people helping and taking charge of tasks, your stress level drops, and the day goes much more smoothly.  We would enjoy helping you make your wedding day a huge success!  

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