Power Generation

On the wedding day your property or venue is a large event filled with guests, food, music, dancing, lights, fans, and other equipment.  Most weddings have many vendors all fighting for electricity.  Do you have enough power for them all?  Consider this: your DJ will need 3000 watts, the catering truck may need another 2000 watts, and all your lighting and potentially a restroom trailer or photo booth will take up even more power.  In total, you may need an extra 5000-8000 watts.  Unless your property is well set up for this kind of power draw, then you may need a portable power generation unit.


We carry power generation units from 2000 watts up to 8,500 watts.  They are safe for all eletronic devices. 


Key note:

Planning for power is one of the most forgotton details on the wedding day.

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