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Have you thought about your guest experience after the dinner hour?  Will they dance, walk around outside, play games, eat, or sit at the dinner tables?  


Our new in development reception transition packages are catered to making the most out of your reception space.  Typically, most brides and grooms place items in the reception where they will be the entire time.  There tends to be minor changes due to the dance floor, but the rest of the space remains untouched.


When a space remains unchanged from the dinner seating guests start to feel a bit trapped as there is no other solutions for seating.  Just like at home when having guests over for dinner, typically after the meal you move into the living room to relax and talk.  The same principal applies at your reception.


What if you had a plan for the second half of the reception?  Part 2 comes after the dinner hour and speeches.  The transition happens right before the dance starts.  This way guests have time to exit the space to make room for our staff to enter.    


What is a transition?  Simply it means turning a space used for one purpose into another at a specific time.  We transition/move tables and chairs out to create a new open area.  The next step is to bring in specific items that create a living room experience for the guests plus other spaces for all ages.


How is this accomplished?  By working with us we provide the staff and equipment.  The equipment is stored in our trailers until the time they will be used.       


The goal of the transition packages is to give guests a fun, comfortable way to relax and enjoy the evening together.  Planning for the transition space will keep guests longer into the evening instead of wondering when they should leave.      


Examples of guest spaces equipment we can provide.

-High top tables.

-Board games.

-Lounge furniture.

-Large rugs

-Smores bar.

-Coffee tables.

-Lamps and stands.

-Electric fireplaces 


What types of spaces could you reserve?

-Living room group.

-Pub style high tops.

-Game rooms.

-General 7 chair seating with coffee table.


What other services compliment these packages?

-Coffee/tea bar.

-Host services.

-Evening food options.

-Trash managment.

-Day of Coordinator.

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