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One of the top missed items we notice is the lack of proper trash, compost, and recycling receptacles.  We're here to help.


First, your guests will be looking for a spot to toss trash.  Second, if they don’t find an easy place to dispose of their trash, it will stay on the tables or end up around the property.  Third, if you do have trash containers, someone needs to empty and replace them once they are full.  You see where this is going.


How can Ty’s help?  Here again is a way we can take another task off your hands.  We hope you have found out that we are a full-service provider, which means when we take on a task for your wedding, we have the main details covered.  Our trash service is no different.  We want your wedding day to go well and also be clean for you and your guests.  


The Trash Management Package:


We provide the following:

-Three black round 45-gallon containers with bags.  Two will be used for trash/compost, and the third will be for recycling.

-An attendant from our team who will be emptying the trash and re-installing new bags when necessary.  The attendant will also be walking the property cleaning up after your guests and tables as needed.

-If restroom services are booked, the attendant will be cleaning the rooms as well.  There is a discount when booking Trash Management with the restroom.     


Things to note:

-Service ends at 10:00pm.  The remaining trash after this point is the responsibility of the property owner.

-Ty's does not take the full trash and recycling bags for final disposal. The bags will be stacked in a pre-determined location on the property for the customer to remove at a later date.  If you would like us to take care of final disposal, an extra charge will apply.


Cost:  $175.00

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