Q:  Do you have a minimum booking policy?

A:  Yes please tap the booking policy tab.  


Q:  Why don't I see a price listed for each of your services?

A:  Great question, and the reason prices are not listed is because each and every wedding we serve is unique.  We provide custom quotes after we have asked detailed questions about your needs, location, guest count, and much more.  Estimates are easy to send via email.  We typically send 2-4 estimates before most customers book the date.  After the booking is complete, you may add additional services if available.


Q: What forms of payment do you take?

A:  Check, Cash, and Credit Cards.  Note:  Paying with a credit card voids all promotions and discounts as we pay a fee to card companies.  Every All-in-One promotions will be void when paying with a card.  See the All-in-One tab for details.  


Q:  How do I insure that my day is booked?

A: When booking a date, a 50% deposit is required as well as signing our agreement form.


Q:  If I book a service or equipment and decide one month before that I don't need it, can I get a refund?

A:  No, we book on a first come first served basis, so if you book a service, make sure you're 100% sure you want it.  We don't give refunds because at that point it's too late for us to rebook the service you have cancelled.  For example, maybe you are considering a tent for the ceremony and are not sure if the weather will be good or bad.  By reserving the tent, you have taken the tent off the market for your specific date.  We are no longer able to rent the item because you have reserved it.  If you decide you don't need the item a few weeks before the wedding, you will still be charged the full amount for reserving.


Q:  Cancellation Policy

A: As stated before, a 50% deposit is required to book your date.  If it is 90 days or more from your wedding date, you can cancel any service and receive a full refund of your deposit.  This will be sent via refund check in the mail.


If you cancel a service 89-30 days before your wedding date, the deposit will not be returned, but you are not required to pay the remaining balance on your invoice.


-If you cancel a service 29 days or less before your wedding date, the remaining balance is still required, which would equal the full payment even though the service is not being used.



Q:  How many services can you offer on my wedding day?

A:  As many as you choose and are available.  For example, one wedding we served needed us to provide tent, chairs, tables, linens, sound system, videography, hosts, transportation, and other smaller supplies.  The more services you use from us, generally the easier it is to plan your wedding since you are only using one vendor for many services.


Q: How far in advance do we need to book the date?

A: If you're in a time crunch, you can book one month before the date, but the date might be taken during the busy months of the summer.  Most book two to twelve months in advance.  


Q: What is full service?

A: Full service is just one way we are different from the other vendors. We deliver and set up everything at your location. This is included in the prices.


Q: If I have a time crunch at my ceremony location, is that okay?

A: Yes, we stay on site during your wedding and will work with any timeline.


Q: What if I don't know the exact number of guests?  Can I reduce the amount later?  

A: Yes, but two weeks before the wedding (our final follow-up phone call), we will need to know the exact number.  (Helpful hint: 5-10% of invites normally can't make it.)


Q: How does the payment work?

A: You can reserve the date by paying in full or half.  There is a contract that we send to gather all the information and signatures.   


Q: Is there communication after the booking? 

A: We enjoy communicating well!  After you are booked, you can email at any point to add services or to ask questions.  One month before the wedding date is our first follow-up.  We call or email you asking how everything is going.  Then one week before the big day we are in contact quite a bit if needed.


Q: What are the chairs like?

A: They are strong white resin chairs.  They are way stronger than wood.  They don't fade like paint on wood chairs.  The soft pad makes them nice to sit on for a long period. They are sturdy on soft grass or dirt.  


Q: What about rain?

A: Great question.  If there is a chance of rain, we will be prepared and are flexible.


Q: What about special requests?

A: Please ask.  We are always looking for new ways to serve!


Q: How do I organize for my wedding?

A: 1. Write down your goals, ideas and themes for your wedding.

    2. List what's most important to you both. 

    3. Make a to-do list with a timeline.

    4. Delegate tasks to family, friends, and Ty's Wedding Services.

    5. Don't go crazy over little details that don't matter.  Get the big things done

        early and save the little extra things for the end. 

    6. Plan for your marriage as well.  The wedding is the first day.

    7. Mix in relaxation and fun activities in your timeline. 



Q: Why use Ty's?

A: It's time for us to toot our own horn for a second. 

    1. When the wedding day comes you will be so thankful you have people 

        serving you who are not overworked family members, who can focus on what they do best,

        and who provide the services you are paying for.  Your family will be busy

        enough helping in other areas.  You also want them to enjoy the day. 


    2. We are a full-service provider.  This means you don't have to

        ask family and friends to pick up the equipment, set it up, and bring it



    3. We try to make everything run smoothly for you.  We coordinate

        and ask the questions that are needed.


    4. We are a small business who has the time to talk and learn about

        your needs.  We thrive on helping make your day a great success!


    5.  Ty answers your questions, sets up all the services, books the date, and

         then serves on your wedding day with his helpers.  It's nice having that

         kind of personal service. 




Additional Info:


One of Ty's goals is to provide quality equipment. When making choices on what equipment to purchase, we always go with the higher quality option.  It’s your wedding day!


-Do you want quality equipment and services?

-Would you like everything set up for you?

-How about someone to bounce ideas off when there are questions?

-What if you could talk with one person, and they would help provide most or all of the services you need in one place, one invoice?

-Would you like knowing there are people working at your wedding looking out for you and your guests?

-Do you want someone you can trust to be on time and get the job done?


That's us..



Booking the date:

After we talk about options and you are ready to book the date, we will send

you an agreement form with all the services and prices listed that we had already talked about.  There will be a place to sign. 


Then the agreement form and a deposit of 50% of the total need to be returned to us to book the date. 




We accept cash, check, or credit card.  Credit fees apply after $1000.00 


We have three ways to pay:

1.  Send the signed agreement form back to use through email and request a

     credit card payment.

2.  Send the signed agreement form back with the deposit to our mailing


3.  We can set up a meeting to talk and exchange all the documents.



When do we require the final payment?

A:  At least 6 days before the wedding day.

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