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Thank you for contacting Ty's!  We're happy you have reached out and asked questions about your big day!  You are either in the initial stages of booking or currently booked.  We hope the info on the page helps you see the big picture and have realistic expectations.


First let’s go over general helpful hints when planning an outdoor wedding.  After this section, we will go over specific locations in more detail.


Helpful Hints When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Congrats on deciding to have your wedding on a home property, farm, cabin, park, or outdoor venue!  We are happy to answer all your questions, so please contact us anytime.  Most couples really enjoy their outdoor wedding, but also say that they didn't expect there to be so many things to account for.  Typically, the budget gets pushed, location issues arise, and the fact that the weather might present a problem is just some of the concerns.


The benefit to all this hard work is how special and unique an outdoor wedding can be!  They are typically a bit more relaxed, the locations are unique, the family is ready and willing to help, and the bride and groom enjoy the planning.


Quick list:


-Communication is key with the property owners, family members, and key players.  First, come up with a general plan and ask for their input.  Then take the info and make decisions as a couple.  Most family members just want their ideas to be heard.


-Communication with your guests is also critical.  Create a wedding website (The Knot or WeddingWire both offer free wedding website options).  Parking, attire, how long of a walk, and things to bring are just some things that you will need to communicate to your guests before the big day.  Be sure to also take into account guests will special needs, especially wheel chair requirements and elderly who may not be able to walk long distances.


-Write down a top 20 list of things or experiences you want to have on the wedding day.  Put them in order of importance and make sure your top items get done how you want.  The remaining items can be a little more relaxed.


-As you make a to-do list of activities, be sure to delegate.  We can’t stress this enough to delegate tasks to people you trust.  Let them be in charge so that you can have time on key projects.  Use an online planning tool or desktop app like OneNote to organize your projects.


-What time of year is your wedding?  When will the sun go down and where?  What are the average high and low temperatures?  Will this affect food and beverage choices? 


-Develop a plan A & B.  No one likes to think about plan B, but it's best to have it down in writing on what will change if the weather is poor.


-Talk with your professional helpers.  That’s us!  We can guide you through the questions and concerns you may have with honest answers.  If we feel that something will not work, then we will let you know.  We would rather prepare you with realistic expectations than say yes to everything.


-Have a guest parking/shuttle plan if needed. 


-Will out of town guests need places to stay?  It can be quite a gift to have a hotel blocked or if you have a VRBO/Airbnb booked for key family and friends.  We can help with this as well.


-Lighting is key.  Walk the property at night and pretend you’re a guest trying to navigate the property in the dark.


-Ask the property owner about the available power.  You will need plenty for the lighting, DJ, catering, and possibly more.  We offer a power generation package if needed.


-Restrooms are always needed.  Either portable ground restrooms or our luxury restroom trailer is a great gift for your guests. 


-Are bugs a problem on the property?  You may want to consider fogging the property two days before the wedding.  Be sure to do it sooner than the morning of the wedding day as these chemicals can often be harmful to skin or discolor shoes.


-Water and drink services.  We often see weddings run out of ice and beverages.  Remember, if the day is hot, guests will consume three times as much liquid.  Helpful hint: you can purchase ice the morning of the wedding in bulk and cover it will a blanket.  It will last the entire day.


-We have seen that trash can be a problem at outdoor weddings, mostly because there are not enough cans for guests to use.  They are also not maintained, so they fill up quickly.  We developed a trash management package to solve this problem. 


-Keep in mind that most of the wedding setup happens Wednesday-Saturday.  Friday is always a busy setup day, and the rehearsal dinner is typically in the evening.  Have people delegated to help as the week of the wedding will be very busy for you.


-Hire a day of coordinator or host package from us.  If you are feeling like there is way too much going on and would like someone to take over your to-do lists and communicate with vendors, then this can be a wonderful service to add.  No one has ever said they wished they didn’t hire a day of coordinator or host.


-As you get closer to the big day, the rehearsal will be coming.  One helpful hint is to have a rehearsal before the rehearsal with just the bride and groom.  This way, you both can go over the details and plan how you would like the ceremony to go.  The extra planning you do here will be so beneficial.


-Plan for your vendors and helpers to take a break for dinner and add them into your total guest count when booking with your caterer.  This is always a nice gesture.


-The bride and groom should plan a little time away from the action after the ceremony.  This will give you a quick break to enjoy the moment with each other and get away from being the center of attention for a short time.


-In the end, plan on having a great time!



Specific property types:



These are the most common locations we serve.  Keep in mind that you might have limited space depending on the property type.  Have us come out to make measurements to assure everything will fit.  If you’re in a city that has noise restrictions, find out when quiet hours are.  Give your neighbors a heads up on the celebration with a personal visit or mailer.  The more info you can give them, the better, and it can help with relations after the big day.  Parking can be a concern on city streets if you don’t have space on the property.  Consider asking a nearby church or business if it would be okay to use their parking lot.



At this type of location, we typically see large guest counts.  Farms have the added benefit of extra space, and they typically have barns and sheds to use.  Be sure to consider parking plans, mud and rain plans, and guest safety.  If the farm is a working operation, be careful with structures that have damage or can be unsafe for your guests.  


Rustic Cabins:

These are wonderful locations in the woods and far-out areas.  We enjoy serving in these locations because of the rustic feel.  Cabin properties tend to be a bit more difficult for guests to find; be sure to create adequate signage.


Lake Cabins or Homes:

The lake property is a special place that you or your fiancé have probably visited many times over the years each summer.  It may be a permanent home of a family member or your parents.  Either way, there are usually great memories that have already been made on the property.  The lake gives a wonderful backdrop for the ceremony and or the reception.  Keep in mind, if the lake is popular for recreation, there might be a bit more noise than you expect during the quiet times of the ceremony.  Typical lake homes are very close to neighbors, so space is limited for all your guests.  Bugs can be a concern in the evening hours.  Parking for you guests on the streets or road may be tight, so it is always a good idea to let the other lake owners know of the coming wedding day.    



We offer ceremony services at wonderful local parks.  Parks offer some of the best ceremony settings and allow you to move to the reception later.  The weather is the main concern; if you choose a park ceremony, have a plan B for weather.  Include umbrellas for the guests and a small tent for the wedding party.  Typically, ceremonies are rain free, but having a relaxed start time to let a quick shower pass is very understandable.



We serve at many venues with additional services they don't provide.  For example, ceremony chairs outside, the sound system, videography, photography, and much more.  We will always ask that the venue agrees to our services on their property.  We respect and enjoy working with venue owners.  



We hope this quick helpful hint page was beneficial to you.  Feel free to send us any questions you may have.


Enjoy your day!



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