Wedding Day Weather

What can I expect if the weather turns out to be poor? 


This is a common question we hear from many couples.  Your wedding day could be wet, cold, windy, hot, or stormy.  Most likely it will be clear and great, but it's to be expected that the weather might not be ideal.


Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.  In our experience most weekends are very pleasant, but it is a good idea to have a back-up plan to alleviate worry.


Another fact to consider is that most of your family and friends will at some point bring up the weather when asking about your wedding plans.  We encourage you to have a plan B ready to go.


A real-life example from 2017: A bride and groom booked a state park outdoor amphitheater for their ceremony.  One month before the wedding, they were both so stressed thinking about the possibility of rain.  Family and friends had pestered them to the point of not being able to sleep. 

They contacted us about two and a half weeks before the big day, and we had just enough chairs available to serve under a shelter in the park.  We could tell they were both very concerned and wanted plan B in place even if it didn’t rain. 


The wedding day morning arrived, and it was raining.  The ceremony was scheduled for 3pm.  The rain stopped at 2pm.  We had the chairs set up under the shelter, but at the last minute, they decided to place towels over the wood benches around the amphitheater.


Our chairs were never used, but after the wedding day, the couple thanked us and were so happy with the service.  They said that once the chairs were booked, the stress went away.  They could focus on the details of the ceremony and reception without worrying about rain.  The bride later said, "It really helped our enjoyment of the wedding day and took off the pressure, so we could focus on what mattered."


Ty’s team can’t stress it enough.  Have a plan B that is just as good as plan A! 


Things that might change when plan B is put in effect:

-The need for umbrellas

-Pictures & video locations

-Guest parking locations

-Ceremony location

-Reception location



Things to consider:


-Have you planned for a large enough tent or shelter so that guests have room to move and interact?


-Reception music:  Now that most of the guests will be staying under one roof rather than mingling around the property, your DJ might want to switch things up or have a brief pause in the loud music so that guests can talk more comfortably.


-Interior space:  We always encourage a larger space than needed.  Having a fun lounge area or a separation from the dance floor is a unique gesture that lets your guests know you care. 


-Outdoor activities like games, food bars, or dancing will have to be moved inside.  What if you planned for a few rain games just for fun? 


-Restrooms are typically located a short distance away, having umbrellas ready for the short walk shows you care.


-If the day is cold and rainy, how about a nice hot beverage bar?  (Check out the "Food & Drink Services" tab for our Coffee Bar.)  This warm gift to your guests helps when the evening chill arrives.


We would be happy to talk with you about plan B.  Developing a plan B not only makes your wedding day that much more special for your guests; it also gives you peace of mind that you have a plan even when the weather isn't what you expected.



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