Ceremony & Reception Sound

Ceremony, Full DJ, or Hybrid Reception Package 

Ceremony Sound Package:

Our QSC speakers will project crisp sound for over 400 guests.  The sound mixer can host multiple inputs along with songs on your mobile device or MP3 player.  We deliver, set up, and run the system during the ceremony.  If there is no power, we have a quiet generator.


Key note:

The ceremony sound is sometimes one of the last aspects people think about, or they use a friend's low powered system.  Can you hear me now?  No.


We encourage you to plan ahead as hearing the ceremony is critical for your guests. 



Full Service DJ Sound Package:

We also have our own reception music package!  With over 3000 watts of power, our system is powerful and clear.  We provide a reception experince you and your guests will remember.


We like the fact that our reception music package lets your guests feel comfortable and able to enjoy the great music of the present and past.  Guests who are uncomfortable with dancing will feel at ease, and those who want to jump and twist will enjoy the vast library of song choices.  Ty's setup crew gets the sound equipment and lighting ready so that when the DJ arrives, everything is set to go.


Our goal is to have you and your guests say:

-The music was great for dancing!

-The DJ was fun and energetic!

-The sound quality was top of the line!

-The song sets worked well and gave everyone a chance to join!

-That DJ was really good, and we could tell he enjoys the job!


We create specific playlists and volume profiles to better represent you and your guests.  We are happy to explain.  Contact us soon.



Hybrid Reception Package:  (New)
If you are considering making your own playlist and enjoy creating things on your own, this package is perfect for you.  


Typically, quality sound equipment can be difficult to find, and if you settle for a low-powered and low quality system, no one will be able to enjoy all the hard work you put into creating the perfect playlist.  Plus who is picking up the system and setting it up on the day of the wedding?  We're guessing you will be a bit busy.


We have developed the best of both worlds.  We provide the quality high powered equipment and a sound technician to operate the wireless mics, music, and much more.  You provide the playlist and the reception timeline for our technician to follow.



-Live Band

-Live Acoustic

-Live Video


Interesting facts:

-Our speakers are top of the line, and we have a digital mixer which cancels out feedback.

-Poor sound is very common when family or friends let you borrow their own systems.

-We can provide the option of a quiet generator in case power is not easy to come by at the ceremony location.    

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