Hot Coffee & Tea Bar

We offer full service coffee and tea for you and your guests.  We brew the coffee on site and provide 12oz renewable paper cups and lids for your guests to enjoy.  Tea comes in a wide variety of packets perfect for every taste.  


The self serve bar consists of cream, sugar, stir sticks, flavorings, and spices to meet the needs of your guests.  Unlimited supply through the dinner hour.   

S'mores Bar

Oh!  Another great addition is our S'mores Bar.  This fun campfire tradition can now happen at your wedding without all the smoke and wood.  We provide the tables, rustic decoration, sticks, fuel, and food supplies.  Then you can enjoy a hot melting piece of chocolate plus a soft almost on fire marshmallow squeezed together by two crackers while watching your family and friends do the same.  Enjoy…

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