Step #1 Planning Stage


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If you have recently become engaged and are considering having the wedding day on the home  property, farm, cabin or venue you’re in a good place.  We’re here to help you decide if it’s a good idea.


How much is this going to cost, what about the weather, how involved will you be with planning and providing the necessary equipment and services?  What all do you need?


Step #2 Shelter: 

Having a fun space for your guests to gather is essential.  That might be a barn, shed or tent.  Making sure you have plenty of elbow room is very important.  If the weather is poor the shelter becomes the center of all activities for 6-10 hours.  If the space is tight for your guests the atmosphere is less relaxing as you can understand. 


Key services to consider:  Tent, sidewalls, lighting, dance floor, tables, linens, chairs, fans.


Step #3 Support services: 

Who will help setup and coordinate on your wedding day?  Family or friends who are also in the wedding?  What about restrooms and power requirements?  Who will take care of the trash and cleanup during the evening or assist with tasks?  What is a reasonable wedding day timeline?


Key services to consider:  Day of coordinator, hosts, luxury restroom trailer, trash management, power generation/planning package.


Step #4 Ceremony:  Typically, the ceremony is on the same property a short distance away from the reception area.  This is the most important time of the day and having the correct services will help make it great!


Key services to consider:  Chairs, arbor, sound system, photography, videography.


Step #5 Ceremony transition: 

After the ceremony you will have a relaxing hour or two to meet your guests, take pictures, games, Hors d'oeuvre and prepare for the activities under the shelter.  During this you may need to transition the chairs and other services to the shelter.


Key services to consider:  Chair transition package, cold beverage package, cocktail hour sound.


Step #6.  Reception:

It’s time for introductions as all your guests make their way to the shelter and their seats.  Having a detailed wedding day timeline will help everyone involved know what’s coming next.  We would be happy to help you plan and know what’s possible or not.


Key services to consider:  Full DJ/Band, catering, cold beverages, hot beverages, cooling trailer, hosts, day of coordinator, trash management. 


Step #7 Reception transition: 

Dinner has ended, speeches have been heartwarming, and the first dances are about the begin.  How will the space be changed after dinner?  Imagine a time you had guests over for dinner at your home.  After dinner did you move into the living room or patio?


Imagine on the wedding day that you had a plan for different spaces for your guests after the dinner hour.  Some of the tables would be taken down, high tops brought in.  How about lounge furniture to make guests comfortable?  Keep in mind not all guests want to dance so having spaces for them to interact will set your wedding apart from the rest.


Key services to consider:  Reception transition packages, high tops, lounge furniture, lighting, coffee bar, board games. 


Step #8 Late night options:  The evening is moving forward, and the sun is setting.  Your feeling a bit tired from all the attention but want to surprise your guests will more!


Key services to consider:  Late night pizza, s’mores bar, outdoor movie. 


We hope this short list can help give you a realistic view of the wedding day and what’s involved.  Honestly, we’re happy to just supply equipment but where we truly shine is by providing quality and unique services the entire wedding day that serve under one name.  

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