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20'x 40' Mini Tent Wedding Package

This wonderful tent fits where others don't making the location quite the mystery and experience for all.

20'x40' tent

Quick Overview

Smaller weddings at homes are very intimate and simple.  Our 20'x40' tent wedding package is comfortable for 50 or less guests but can fit 80 if you like being cozy.  The tent lighting, sidewalls, come with the package.  $1,850

White resin chairs $4.75/chair

Rectangle tables $15/table

Travel cost TBD by location.


Our bistro warm glow globe string lighting is installed around the perimeter of the tents.  They offer the perfect amount of light with a dimmer to set the evening mood. 


White resin chairs w/soft pad are clean and comfortable.  They can be used for both the ceremony and reception.  $4.75/chair. 


You may wish to have add-ons such as the luxury restroom trailer, linens, high tops, dinnerware, sound system, generators, and much more.

Learn more about add-ons.

Plan & Coordinate

Extra help is available with our planner/coordination add-on packages.  We can help at the start or further down the line.  Just ask anyone who has had a professional helper!  They recommend it!

-Virtual planner

-Day of coordination

-Vendor coordinator

Learn more about planning & coordination.

The Tents

There are actually two 20'x20' frame tents put together to create the 20'x40' space.  They can stay separate if you like.  The side poles are every 20' making it feel wide open.  The tent is 8' tall at the sides and rises to 16' at the peak.  


The sidewalls are on stand by if you need them.  Three sides of sidewalls are available and installed by us.  They have cathedral windows so you can still see the great outdoors during poor weather conditions. 


You have the choice of rectangle 8' or round 5' tables.  They both seat 8 guests.  Rectangle tables require 10 sq. ft. per guest.  Round tables require 13 sq. ft. per guest.  $15/table.

Contact Us

The best way to learn more and not DIY everything is by messaging or calling us!  We're happy to answer all your questions.

20x20 Tent
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