Fall 2017

Welcome to Fall!  If you are looking to book with us in 2018, now is a great time to book!  We also offer you the chance to see our equipment at some of the weddings we serve.  (With the permission of the owners of course.)  


We would enjoy meeting you at a coffee shop or talking on the phone about your upcoming wedding plans.  Our summers book up quickly, so talking with us early is a great idea.  If you would like to see any of our equipment, feel free to schedule an appointment.  


10 reasons Brides and Grooms like working with us. 

1.  Small, personal, and specific.  

2.  Our staff enjoys their job, and looks forward to every unique wedding day. 

3.  We offer almost everything you need = 1 vendor, not multiple.   

4.  Built on a vision of creating the best wedding day possible!

5.  We will know the schedule and details of the wedding day almost better than you will.

6.  My wife and I (the owners) believe in strong marriages!  We want to help you start out with a big celebration!  

7.  Flexible, Flexible, and Flexible.  Additions one day before the wedding...okay! 

8.  Weddings are our focus!  Not events or other rental items.

9.  Very high quality equipment and service.   

10. We enjoy communicating well.


We never promise our brides and grooms the perfect wedding day because it is what you make it, but we will do our very best to serve you and your guests well!  

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Our Story


Ty's Wedding Rental and Services started because Ty and Alissa enjoy serving people. We also believe in strong traditional marriages and try to bring a positive, encouraging light to each wedding. After looking through this website, we hope you will notice we have much to offer and focus on the major items and services needed on the wedding day.    


We started out as a full service rental business, but that has expanded to include professional services like photography, videography, coordination, and food service.  We have the ability to coordinate all services together, which makes things simple for you and your family planning the wedding.       


Another point you should know about is that we enjoy communicating.  Your future marriage will benefit greatly from honest communication, and we have also built this idea into our business. Please ask many questions.  Wedding planning is something new that you have most likely never done before.  It's a learning process, and we understand what you’re going through since we have gone through it ourselves.


Ty's can be a major part of your wedding support team, keeping your mind off the little details and on what matters: the covenant that you are making.


We started the business in 2013, and it has been so much fun!  During college, Ty worked at a wedding reception hall on the weekends cooking and serving.  We did everything from pre-wedding setup to slicing the pork and cleaning tables.  Ty learned a great deal and came up with a few ideas of his own along the way.  Ty and Alissa were married in 2014 at the family farm and gained even more experience through planning their own wedding.  What started with a few chairs that we rented out a few weekends a summer has grown to what you see now!  The business has grown over 50% in the past two years, and there is no end in sight!


You can try to make a wedding happen on your own, but let's be honest.  When you have people helping and taking charge of tasks, your stress level drops, and the day goes much more smoothly.  Let us help you make your day a success!

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