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Celebration Of Life
At Home Services

Ty's Celebration of life rentals and services  

First, we're sorry for your loss but excited to help you celebrate in a big way!  

We're here to help and are possibly introducing you to a new way to celebrate a loved one's life at home!


There are a few ways to do this.  First is by having the celebration the same day as the burial.


 The second way is to give yourself and family some time and plan a celebration a few weeks or months after the loved one has passed.


The latter give you the chance to plan, invite friends and family and be able to share memories in a comfortable setting rather than a funeral home.  


The celebrations of life events we serve are truly and honor to be apart of.

Celebration of Life Tables and Chairs

How is this going to work on the home property?  Leave it to us where we can supply the basic needs such as a chair's and tables.  We set up everything for you.  

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Restroom Trailer

What a relief!  People won't be coming into the house, and no need to clean it either.  They will be enjoying the restroom trailer with climate control and care items!


Food & Drink

It doesn't have to be anything fancy unless you want.  You know the lump in the throat situation when the emotions flood in?  Having a snack item makes it easy to pause and then ease back into the conversation.  We can help provide what you need. 

Cutting Sandwhiches


Some may use their home, barn or a shed for the day.  Most of you will need a tent so guests can enjoy the yard and have shelter from the elements.  


Sound System

The stories and memories sound way better when everyone can hear them.  We set up a wireless mic and multiple speakers so all guests can relax and listen.


Trash clean up

Unless you don't mind a mess after everyone goes home hire us to walk around quietly picking up trash and placing it in our black trash bins.   


A quick celebration of life story

It all started a few weeks before a wedding.  Grandpa passed before the big day and the family was emotionally drained going into the wedding.  They postponed the celebration of life until later when everything settled a bit.  Grandpa was quite the people person and was the one making you feel great because he always asked questions about the person he was talking with.  Not just for 20 seconds about the weather but deep.  The family was trying to figure out how to have a celebration where everyone could have fun and not feel stuck in a funeral home.  


They called us and asked if we could serve at grandpas home where grandmas still lived.  Fast forward a year after the burial and we were at the house with chairs, tables, restroom trailer, tent, sound system and much more.  They thought maybe 175 people would show up.  How about 400! 


All we can say is it was totally unique, fun, private, intimate and long enough where everyone could chat and feel welcome, rather than dropping off a card and not saying a word.  


When it was all over our team was cleaning up and talked with grandma.  She had tears of joy on how great it was.  See it had already been a year, a hard first year without her husband and having all these people come talk and visit was such a blessing.  When missing someone what better then to have the people you love come over and talk about all the good times.  Through their stories she was reliving life with him once again.  


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