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Bands & Musicians

You're looking to elevate the reception and ceremony?  There is nothing like a live performance at a wedding.  We help you plan out the logistics and have some recommendations. 

Ceremony Musician

Guitars, vocals, keyboard, violin are a few of the options.  One person or a few perform as the family and wedding party walk down the aisle.  Then the music shifts as it's time for the bride to make her way.  



We have heard many bands and it's quite the show!  Let us know what style of music or dance you prefer.  Then we can help you find the right fit.

Wedding Band

Dance Floor

The band has the stage but what about the guests?  The dance floor is a smooth surface to let loose and enjoy the evening. 


Ceremony Sound

Our sound system has supported many musicians in the past.  There are two powerful speakers and our staff operating the mixer for the performers.



Most bands require a stage in order to keep their gear sturdy and a safe place to perform.  It's also easier for the guests to see.  A 8'x18' is a nice fit under the tent.  

Country Boots


It takes more then one extension cord to run a band.  Our power package means we bring the quiet generators, set them up, run the cords, and monitor the power throughout the evening.  You may also need power for the tent lighting, restroom trailer and more.   

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