The Barn Wedding Package

For those who plan to use a barn or shed on a family property this package takes care of the main items you need.  Let the celebration begin!

The details

-190 guests or less "if more lets talk"

-White resin chairs w/soft pad.  We setup for the ceremony and then transition them to the barn.

-Rectangle 8' or 5' round tables setup inside the barn with the option of white, ivory, tan, and black linens.

-Luxury restroom trailer which has AC, sinks, guest care supplies, and we clean the rooms after dinner.

-4 commercial grade black trash bins w/bags and a host picking up litter and maintaining the guest tables.

$3,750 + Travel


White Chairs

Our white resin wedding chairs with a soft pad are comfortable and clean.  They're a clear sign to the guests that they have found the ceremony!  Then these chairs can be used for the reception.


Reception Tables

The dinner hour has arrived, and you have the choice of rectangular 8' or round 5' tables.  Both seat a maximum of 8 guests.  Don't forget about the head table, food line, and display tables you may need.  Final count can be modified up to 10 days prior to the wedding. 


Luxury Restrooms

One of the guest favorites!  The luxury restroom trailer will be a gift to everyone.  Three separate rooms lock, are air conditioned or heated, and are cleaned and restocked by our staff during the evening.    


Trash Bins

Large, black, and classy.  Our bins have lids and look great placed around the barn and property.  

You need the tables bused during dinner we offer a trash clean up add-on. 


Setup Included

That's right we deliver everything and set it up.  That means you don't have to arrange the chairs for the ceremony, or lug the tables inside the barn.  We haul the trash bags to a spot you specify.  You have plenty to do already.  It's our pleasure to help.    


Cleanup Host

You have your own personal host who will be walking the property picking up litter, bottles, cans, and disposables on the guest tables.  This helps keep the property looking great and comfortable for the guests. 



Visit our add on guide.  Would you need power generation, dinnerware, ceremony sound, food tent, linens, wine barrels, coffee bar, videography, vendor coordinator, shuttle bus, lighting. 


We Love Barns!

Having a wedding in a barn or shed will be wonderful!  Ty grew up on a family farm and spent hours working in the barns, feeding the cows, driving tractors, fixing equipment in the shed, and having fun!

We have served in old milking barns, hay barns, shops, sheds, machine sheds, horse barns and many more.  Each location is unique, and we can help with no only providing the equipment needed but pointers on what will work best in the space.