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Barn/Shed Wedding Package

Would you like to have a wedding in a barn/shed on your private property or a family/friends?  Our Barn Wedding Package takes care of the big items you need to make it all possible. 

Package includes
-175 white resin chairs w/soft pad -Rectangle tables to hold all the guests
-7 high top tables - Trash clean-up staff
-4 trash bins - Travel in our service area
-Luxury Restroom Trailer
More or less guests?  +/-$5.50/guest

Wedding Chairs

Our white resin wedding chairs with a soft pad are comfortable and clean.  They're a clear sign to the guests that they have found the ceremony! 

The chair count is due 10 days before the wedding, and you only pay for what you need.  Chair Page


High Tops

These tables are perfect for the social hour and post dinner rush.  They will be highly used all evening.  


Trash bins

The 4 trash bins are large and look professional.  The lids keep litter from flying away and our clean up staff changes the bags when 3/4 full.  Trash disposal is an add-on if needed. 



Travel and set up is included with the package within 30 minutes of Stillwater Minnesota.  We typically arrive in the morning one day before the wedding to set up.  The restroom arrives on the big day along with our staff. 

White Truck Parked Nearside


The dinner hour has arrived, and you have the choice of rectangular 8' or round 5' tables.  Both seat a maximum of 8 guests.  Don't forget about the head table, food line, and display tables you may need.  Final count can be modified up to 10 days prior to the wedding.  Table Page


Trash Clean-up

We're busy taking care of disposable plates, cups, cans, bottles.  Our staff walks around the guest tables cleaning up their plates and taking the trash to the bins.  They're wonderful and stay until 10:30pm.  Once the trash bins fill up they change the bags and place them in an area you choose. 


Luxury Restrooms

One of the guest favorites!  The luxury restroom trailer will be a gift to everyone.  Three separate locking rooms are air conditioned or heated and are cleaned and restocked by our staff during the evening.  Additional pictures on the restroom trailer page.  Restroom Page



We truly enjoy serving.  Please visit our guide for additional services you may need.   Add-on Guide

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