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Almost Here!


You're reading this because the big day is approaching quickly and we're excited for you!   The hard work of planning is now coming to the home stretch and you may feel prepared or a bit uneasy about all the task and decisions that have to be made.  

Typically the last few weeks are the most hectic and that's totally normal.  We're here to guide you when questions come up.  Remember the reason for the day and prioritize by making a list of the most important things you need to accomplish before the day.  Let us tell you from experience 100% of the couples and families we serve don't finish everything before the day.  If your list is to aggressive for the time remaining then cut a few things on the bottom.  



This is key when having a wedding on a private property.  Up until this point many of the wedding plans have been the vision but the work has begun making that vision a reality.  


Tensions between the couple, family and friends can get a bit hot during this time as styles and personality differences become apparent because hard decisions need to be made.     

To the Bride/Groom, way to go guys!  It's very common that at some point within the last two weeks before the wedding that you will have some kind of decision fatigue.  This happens because hey it's your day and many people want your opinion on how to make it right.  Your personality may like this an it's very easy for you to make decisions/you know what you want.  On the other hand your a bit more relaxed and might say I don't care or I'm not sure.  

It's very possible that some ideas presented to you are not what you wish or are fine taking of the list.  First gather all the information from the person giving you the ideas and the talk it over as a couple and make a decision together.  (Great way to practice for marriage)

For the tasks that need to be done delegation is key for both personality types.  Put people in charge of a specific thing and say you got this, I trust you.  This way they won't be asking you hey does this look ok 30 times an hour.


To the Parents/planners/Family.  Thank you for being so helpful in ways the couple wont even know!  You want the very best for the couple and are probably just as excited!  A month to a few weeks out is very busy for you as well.  There may be questions you have for the couple that are hard to get an answer for or they may have a to-do list ready and waiting!  If the location in on your home property that amazing and I know you have been doing a lot of work to make it very special.    

Some of the project you have planned for the couple may be hard for them to understand or they say don't worry about it.  Keep in mind they have many details going through their head and juggling quite a bit right now.  


Cutting down a large tree four days before the wedding might make them cringe a bit because they may need you for other tasks but you're to busy focusing on something that should have been done a bit earlier.


Try to finish all major property projects one week before the wedding.  Sure there will be things like mowing to do but get it all done so you can focus on encouraging them, being available for smaller tasks and possibly taking on some more of their projects.   



If you have a day of coordinator hired that's wonderful but most put a friend in charge.  Pick this person carefully and make sure they have a little experience, personality type, and are not in the wedding party.


If you plan to have décor items setup around the property, ceremony site, head table, guest tables and displays a fun idea is to organize it in totes.  Label each tote with a number and make a list with all the tote numbers and items in each.  That way the day of or day before the wedding you can delegate to others by saying tote 1-5 are table décor.


Bonus tip!  Take a picture of how you would like the display to look a week prior and then send it to the person you put in charge!  

Extra bonus!  Remember the reason for the day and focus on what matters most.  


The Weather:

Now that were getting closer have you already looked at the long term forecast?  If so it can change quite a bit and we won't know for sure until the evening before the big day.  That being said we always hope for a great day but if the weather is poor you plan B will need to be implemented.  Plan for B and then it's easy to switch to A.  If you plan the other way around it can be stressful.  


Final follow-up phone call:

We may already have a date and time scheduled but if not let's get one scheduled around the 10 day mark.   At this meeting we will go over every service you have reserved in detail.  Then the guest count numbers will be updated and delivery scheduled discussed.  We have a lot of time for questions so have your list ready.  

Additional services from Ty's:

Depending on what's available we would enjoy helping in additional ways.  Take time to look through our website and let us know asap if there is a service you would like to add.  Our goal is to help make the day a huge success so all you have to do is ask.  

A few popular add-on's could be:

-High top tables

-Farm head table

-Floral arrangements 

-Trash cleanup Package

-Vendor coordinator (we're in charge of the other vendors you have hired)

-Parking lot Package