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How is the content created on our site

We thought this was an important topic as the use of AI-generated content is on the rise.  100% of the written content is from us.  Most of the pictures are of weddings we have served.  Some stock pictures like a phone or clock are added in from Wix our website provider. 

The tips and conversations we have about our services are from first-hand experience.  Our couples are booking us along with our products and services.

We create the flow of the website not an outside agent taking our information and placing it how they see fit. 

Many hire us because of our experience and unique set of services specifically helping outdoor weddings.  If we generated content from others we feel it would misrepresent.

Once or twice a year we hire a marketing freelancer to audit our site.  They send a report with suggestions.  Then we take the information and update our website as we see fit.  We also asked our couples if the site was helpful and easy to use/understand.  They give the best feedback and help us improve.  In the future, we plan to add videos when time allows.

Nothing is quite like calling us over the phone after visiting the website.  The website doesn't know your situation, concerns, frustrations, or excitement.  When we chat it's a joy to quickly learn about you and what's most important.  Always feel free to call/message us as it's the fastest and easiest way to receive high-quality information.

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