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- Day of Coordinator Package: The point person on your wedding day.  They’re in charge of all the little details with your timeline, vendors, and setup and solve any issues that may come up.  Our coordinators talk to you the week before the wedding, attend your rehearsal, and are on site the entire wedding day.  This package can be expanded to include an assistant if you feel the extra help will be welcomed.     


- Hosts:  The hosts accomplish many tasks on the wedding day: Greet the guests, help with seating, direct cars to the parking lot, set up, cut the cake, serve food, or pick up last minute items. It's up to you how the hosts will serve. 



Why Hire?

How is the wedding planning going?  This is a familiar question, and the truth is that most brides and grooms are very new to planning weddings.  After you have gone through the process of planning a wedding, you will be able to help others and give pointers as most of your family and friends are doing right now.  Too bad you can’t jump forward in time and ask yourself for pointers.  Not to worry, our coordinators have the insight and knowledge to guide you.


If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the details of planning a wedding, then it’s time to start thinking about hiring help.    


At Ty’s, we serve every weekend and enjoy the celebration and want it to go well.  We have seen how a coordinator can save the day by taking care of the little details that can only be done on the wedding day.


Would you rather be enjoying your day with guests or taking questions from family and friends on setup and timeline details?


We encourage you to ask us questions for further details.

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