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Day of Coordination Package
It's time to gather information! 

Almost Here

Thank you for booking our Day of Coordination package!  We're less than a month away from your day and are excited to serve.  The boxes on this page will help everyone prepare.  During our final follow up phone call you will talk with Ty and your coordinator.  Please complete the tasks we have for you and ask questions.

Bride & Groom in the Meadow

The Timeline

We would enjoy seeing your day of timeline and will give you a few pointers.  It's a good idea to create a separate ceremony timeline with as much detail as possible.  Who is walking down the aisle, special moments during the ceremony, song choices.  The ceremony is the most important part of your day so spend a little extra time planning the details. 

Retro Clock and Glowing Lights

Vendor List

Please send information on all your hired vendors (besides us of course).  The business name, contact name, email/phone, services, and timeline.  If all of this information is on their invoice you can send us that instead. 

Bouquet of Flowers

10 Day Follow-Up

We're excited to chat during the 10 day final follow-up phone call!  It's already scheduled with you.  First Ty will be talking about all the services we provide, and then your coordinator will take over, asking a few more detailed questions about your timeline, vendors, decor, and ceremony/reception.  Please send us your timeline, vendor information, and table decor information in advance to this meeting.  Thanks! 

Phone on Desk

Couples Rehearsal

We suggest the both of you privately run through the ceremony and reception together on the property prior to family and friends coming for the main rehearsal.  This will help you iron out small details like where to stand, walking down the aisle, readers, special elements, rings, exiting, etc.  


The Day

The day has arrived.  Your head is probably full of thousands of thoughts and emotions.  No worries.  The coordinator and helper are calm and excited to serve.  They're busy coordinating the aspects we talked about above and keeping your timeline on track.  The ceremony is coming fast and your coordinator is there to guide you and answer questions. 

Couple on Wedding Day

End of The Night

The lead coordinator has gone home after the dance is underway, but your helper is still there!  Towards the end of the evening or around 10:30pm the helper will pack away the table decor items that were set up earlier in the day.  This makes cleanup for you on Sunday much easier.   

Outdoor Wedding Reception Tent

The Package

You will have one lead coordinator and a helper on your wedding day.  The coordinators' job is to learn about your day and the plans you have made for the ceremony and reception.  You're busy being in the spotlight, so your coordinator steps in making sure the main aspects of your wedding are covered.  

Planning a Wedding

Table & Ceremony Decor

We're here to set up the table decor and ceremony decor.  All items must be assembled, and supplies in bins or boxes. Please label the bins and place under the tent prior to our arrival.  Send a picture of how you would like the displays to look.  Keep in mind floral arranging, food prep, and other property decorations and displays are not included. 


Family Duties

We're sure there is quite a few more tasks that need to be completed on the wedding day.  Make a task list for your family and friends, place items in bins with instructions, and put people in charge of completing the task.  Your coordinator is not responsible for ensuring your family/friends complete their tasks.

Event Planners

Contacting Vendors

The week of the wedding is when we take over as their new point of contact.  We talk about their duties, timeline, and ensure they have everything needed for your day.  All questions from them come to us at this point.  If there are any big changes or concerns, we will contact you. 


The Rehearsal

It's time to meet your coordinator in person!  Plan some time in your day about 1.5hrs before the rehearsal to chat.  Show off the property, and run through the ceremony and reception elements.  During the rehearsal, the coordinator will help you lead.  Once everyone is feeling comfortable, the coordinator will head out and you can enjoy the dinner and conversation.  


The Reception

Your coordinator is busy working with vendors helping dinner go without a hitch.  If you plan to have a grand entrance, we help with that.

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