Yes, from time to time our rentals & services are used for corporate meetings, political events, movie and filming sets, farm auctions, at home celebration of life events.  

Non-Wedding Rentals & Services

PA System Rental

Planning to have more than 30 people  Then it would be nice if they could hear you.  Our full service sound system means we do all the setup and operate it during your event.  


Luxury Restroom

Truly an unexpected treat when on location.  Private rooms, AC, supplies and very relaxing.  



Planning a meal, display, or conference?  Our round 5' or rectangle 8' would serve you well.  

Allie&Steve-Reception (5)smaller.jpg

Chair Rental

The white resin chairs are comfortable with a soft pad and look great.  They're great on dirt, grass and pavement.  We do all the setup.  


White Tent

To stay out of the elements a tent can cover and give guests a break or act as a VIP lounge.  


Power Generation

Potentially you may have power needs.  We can help with our quiet generators.