Floral Designer & Install Team

You may be wondering would a floral designer be for me?  Let's help answer that.  This question depends on your needs, vision, and budget.  For example if you require bouquets, boutonnieres, and possibly a few ceremony arrangements on an arbor a flower shop would most likely be all you need. 

If you want the above arrangements and more that show your style and tell a story a designer would be a great fit.  Having a designer and additional arrangements will require an increased investment but it will visually enhance all floral elements.  A designer learns about the couple and puts purpose behind each floral element so they reflect the couple vision and story.    

Additional elements could include:
-Event structure floral
-Table floral
-Reception centerpieces
-Head table or sweetheart table floral
-Flood line floral
-Lighting floral
-Cocktail table floral
-Overhead installation floral


Bride with Flowers in Hair