Quiet Power Management Package

Planning for power needs is often forgotten, but it should be one of the most important items on your checklist. Most weddings have many vendors all fighting for electricity.  Do you have enough power for them all?  Your DJ will need 3000 watts, the catering truck may need another 2000 watts, and all your lighting and potentially a restroom trailer or photo booth will take up even more power.  Unless your property is well set up for this kind of power draw, then you may need to rent power generators from us.  


We call it the power management package because we take care of it all.  From delivery, setup, supply cords, fuel, talking with vendors, and monitoring on the wedding day.    

Three options:

Ceremony Package

Reception Package A

Reception Package B

Ceremony Power


In places where power is not readily available, you may also need a generator to run sound equipment or other devices during the ceremony.  We offer power generation ceremony packages, which include a generator and setup. 


For more information on crisp sound during your wedding ceremony, please visit our Sound System & DJ page.

Ceremony Power

How generators quietly served in the background while guests danced the night away.

 Power is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a wedding, but it's super important.  One of many power stories starts with a visit to the property.  Months before the wedding day in the cold of winter, we visited a wonderful family at their home.  Their daughter had always dreamed about getting married at their hobby farm in western Wisconsin.  We spent about 2 hours visiting and walking around the property.  We finished in their home with a cup of coffee and discussions about their plans.  


One of the topics they asked about was how much power do we need and how do we get it out to the tent that is going in the hay field?  Our power management package was built just for this situation.  We went over how the generators are quiet and that we monitor them on the wedding day and work with other vendors who may need power.  

Two months before the big day, the father messaged us saying they were thinking about having a band play for the reception and were concerned about power.  We were excited to help and offered them our largest package that would supply enough power for the tent lighting, fans, catering needs, restroom trailer, and the band with all their lighting.  

The father, mother, bride, and groom were so glad we could take care of it.  We included the generators, supply cords, and full coordination with the vendors, meaning we helped ensure everything was working and hooked up correctly on the wedding day.


During the reception, we monitored the power flow from each of the units.  When the band really got going, the generator that was dedicated to them, was pulling almost 5000 watts.  Guests were dancing, fans were blowing, lights were shining bright, and the restroom trailer was taking care of business.  The guests and vendors were blissfully unaware of the behind the scenes effort to keep the power flowing.