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Graduation Party Tent Package

Do you have a graduating student?  Planning on having a big celebration at your home?  Having a shelter via the tent, tables, and chairs are all needed to make guests comfortable.  We're wondering if there will be leftovers as the meat and cheese sandwiches hit the spot! 

Package includes
-One 20'x20' white tent -48 white chairs -3 trash bins - 4 large serving bowls
-6 round tables - 4 high top tables -Tent sidewalls if needed
-Travel, setup, & takeaway in our service area

The Tents

One distinct way guests know where the event is taking place is by seeing the tent!  It's a frame tent which means no center poles



The guests have arrived hungry and the tables will give them a place to enjoy the food options!  There are 6 round tables included.  We place 8 chairs around each.  (Linens are an add-on)


High Tops

4 tan high top tables are included which allow guests to stand while chatting and eating.  4 guests can stand around one table. 


Trash Bins

There will be some trash and our large bins with bags look great and function well.  Disposal of the bags not included.  



Our white resin chairs with a soft pad are comfortable and clean.


Tent Sidewalls

Just in case you need them, sidewalls are included with the package and will be installed on the event day weather dependent.


Serving Bowls

Serving bowls are wonderful!  They can hold buns, snacks, drinks, you name it!  4 bowls are included with the package.  Each one is 40.7 quarts.  That's big!

Salad bowl.jpg

Setup & Takeway

This is the best part!  We come setup the tents, tables, and chairs the day before the party.  Then we return the day after to take away. 

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