Hot Beverage Bar Package

We're excited to offer you and your guests a fresh brew experience.  Coffee, tea, cocoa, toppings, and friendly service.     


Even on hot days the temp cools down in the evening and can get chilly.  Why not offer a way to warm up and help them stay later into the reception?


This is one of those additional services you can add that goes beyond what is expected and will delight the guests.  


Serving Attendant

Our hot beverage attendant is busy brewing and talking with your guests.  Guess what!  After the main rush they walk around to the guest tables and top off their cups.  


What's Included?

Dinner Hour Self-Serve Bar

Staff member talking with guests and serving the bar

Fresh Brewed Columbian Regular Coffee

Fresh Brewed Decaf Coffee

Assorted tea bags

Apple Cider (Seasonal)

Hot Cocoa 

An assortment of toppings


Compostable insulated cups with lids

Counter height rustic wood serving table


Dessert Hour

Hot beverage bar items

Wait staff member topping off coffee at the guest tables 

Late Night Snacks add-on 


All items are pre-packaged

Crackers, chips, cookies, candy, popcorn, nut mix, beef bites.

Items on this list are subject to change.

Service concludes at 10:45pm