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Mini Tent Wedding Package

Would you like to have a wedding on your private property or a family/friends?  Our Mini Tent Wedding package creates a venue in the backyard.  We also visit the property before booking to ensure the tent and other services will fit.  Perfect for 45 guests or less.

Package includes
-Two 20'x20' tents to create a 20'x40' structure -White Chairs
-Rectangle 8' or 5' Round Tables
-Globe String Lighting -Tent Sidewalls
- Setup & Takeaway

The Tent

One distinct way guests know where the wedding is taking place is by seeing the large tent!  The two 20'x20' tents can be separate or put together to create a 20'x40' space.  There are no center poles and the side of the tent is 8' high.  



The dinner hour has arrived, and you have the choice of rectangular 8' or round 5' tables.  Both seat a maximum of 8 guests.  Don't forget about the head table, food line, and display tables you may need.  Max 10 tables.  Table Page


Tent Sidewalls

Just in case you need them, sidewalls are included with the package and will be installed on the wedding day weather dependent.  They're super helpful to block the sun, wind, and rain.  The cathedral windows allow sunlight to filter into the tent.  Tent Page


Wedding Chairs

Our white resin wedding chairs with a soft pad are comfortable and clean.  They're a clear sign to the guests that they have found the ceremony! 

The chair count is due 10 days before the wedding up to 45 chairs.   Chair Page

DSC_0094 - Copy.JPG

Tent Lighting

Tent lighting is essential, and the LED Edison strings give a relaxing vibe for guests to enjoy the evening.  The warm glow is inviting and has a vintage touch.  Lighting Page



There may be additional items needed.  Look through our Add-on Guide

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