Outdoor Wedding Checklist & Guide

The Property & Shelter

(5 min)

Where will the guests spend most of their time?  Making sure you have plenty of room for you and your guests is key to great day!  How does an elevator feel compared to a living room?

Key items:

  • Tent or shelter

  • Tent sidewalls

  • Fans

  • Indoor & outdoor lighting

  • Bug control

  • Guest care items and safety

  • Parking & transportation logistics

Chairs & Tables

Guests really enjoy weddings not only because of the celebration but also the fact that they can chat with so many friends and family!  Having different spaces for them to enjoy will make for a great afternoon and evening. 

Key items:

  • Wedding chairs (ceremony & reception)

  • Rectangular & round tables

    • Guest seating

    • Displays

    • Food lines

  • High top tables & wine barrels

  • Lounge equipment

  • Table linens

The Ceremony

Key items:

  • Chairs

  • Sound system (powerful so that guests can hear clearly)

  • Arbor

  • Shepherd's hooks

  • Flowers

  • Cold beverages

  • Small table or wine barrel

  • Videography

  • Photography

  • Day of coordination


Food services come in a variety of choices: a classic buffet line, the caterer cooking on site, plated meals, pizza bars, or food trucks.  There is also the option of social hour appetizers and late night food.  Whatever options you choose, think about what your guests might need that the caterer isn't providing.

Who will be cleaning up after your guests?  Do you need the trash cleanup package?  How about hard dinnerware verses plastic?


Guests will need beverages throughout the entire day.  Cold beverages are important on a hot day, but don't forget that guests love coffee in the evening, even in the summer. 


Key items:

  • Serving or food line tables

  • Dinnerware

  • Trash cleanup package

  • Vintage soda

  • Ceremony water

  • Cold & hot beverage packages

  • Ice cream novelties


Guests at some point in the day will need to use a restroom.  They will appreciate a clean room that is well stocked and comfortable.  

The restroom trailer package is a huge guest favor.  It's by far one of our customers' favorite services.

Key items:

  • Restroom trailer

  • Sanitation stations

  • Guest care items

  • Trash cleanup

Reception Sound Services

If you enjoy dancing, don't wait until the last minute to make a solid plan.  DYI options often don't sound that great. That's why we offer the ceremony and hybrid reception sound package with high quality equipment and staff.

Our DJ options step it up again by having a professional choose songs and MC to keep the party going!

Bands are another great option, but make sure you listen to them live before booking to determine if their style is the right fit.

Key items:

  • Sound packages

  • DJ

  • Band

  • Dance Floor

  • Fans


Power is something most forget about.  Don't wait until the wedding day to find out if you have the right amount of power generation.  The lighting, sound system, and restroom trailer are only some of the services that require power, but almost all of your vendors will probably require power.

If power is not available, our quiet power generation package and staff take care of the planning and layout of the power needs.  They also are on site monitoring the system until the evening is completed. 

Professional Staff

The most important thing is having staff you can count on.  

We offer ceremony videography, full day video, photography, day of coordination and the NEW Vendor coordinator.  

We take care of so much and have hours and hours under our belts serving outdoor weddings.  We can help give you a realistic preview of the wedding day at your location with honest feedback and concerns we may have. 

What can you do?

The overall planning is up to you.  There are many decisions to be made as a couple.  Wedding planning will prepare you for marriage in that you will have to work well together for a common goal.  

Write down your top 10 list of things you want to happen on the wedding day.  Make another wish list.  Not everything will be able to happen, so be realistic with your time.  You can't do it all as well as enjoy your wedding day.

The key is to delegate to others instead of micromanaging so that you won't burn out.  Family and friends can have differing opinions and you will need to navigate their wishes and your own.  It's fine to say no thank you with respect.  

We take care of  much as we know you will be very busy.  We serve weddings all the time and can give you pointers along the way. 

Having an outdoor wedding day will be a total blast!  Just focus on what's most important to you.

The Property Owners

Remember to thank the property owners who will be hosting the wedding.  They're opening up their space for many people to enjoy.  They want the very best for you and also want their property to look its best!

You may feel bad with all the new improvement projects on the property, but having a wedding is a great excuse to plan for project that have been waiting for years. 

Just talk it out and hear them out and don't be afraid to say you won't have time to help them because you're busy with other planning items and life in general.  

Give a generous gift card for dinner out after the wedding day to show them you care.