Weddings in the great outdoors is our focus at Ty's Wedding Rental & Services.  We have the privilege of serving at unique properties around the Twin Cities and WI and helping make the big day a reality.  

The outdoor wedding essentials package was created from years of serving side by side with couples and families.

Outdoor Wedding Essentials Package

Part #1 Essentials Package

Let's start with the seating: $3.85/chair

Our white resin wedding chairs with a soft pad are comfortable and clean.  They're a clear sign to the guests that they have found the ceremony!  Then these chairs can be used for the reception.


Tables: $14/table

The dinner hour has arrived, and you have the choice of rectangular 8' or round 5' tables.  Both seat a maximum of 8 guests.  Don't forget about the head table, food line, and display tables you may need.  Final count can be modified up to 10 days prior to the wedding. 

What also comes with the Package?  Part #2

The Tent

Our high peak white pole tent has center poles and side supports and straps that go into grass or dirt.  The tent is raised two days before the wedding, which gives you time to update your layout.  


Tent Lighting

Tent lighting is essential, and the LED Edison strings give a relaxing vibe for guests to enjoy the evening.  The warm glow is inviting and has a vintage touch.  

Outdoor Wedding Reception Tent

Trash Bins

Large, black, and classy.  Our bins have lids and look great placed around the tent and property.  We also offer a trash cleanup package if interested.


Property Visit

It's exciting to imagine the wedding day in the backyard, at the cabin, farm, or home.  Before you get too far into planning, we would enjoy meeting you and the property owners on site, making sure the tent and other equipment will fit properly.   


Tent Sidewalls

Just in case you need them, sidewalls are included with the package and will be installed on the wedding day weather dependent.  They're super helpful to block the sun, wind, and rain.  The cathedral windows allow sunlight to filter into the tent.


Fans or Patio Heaters

It's hard to predict what the temperature will be for your wedding day, so leave it to us to set up the fans if it's hot or patio heaters in the cooler months. 


Luxury Restrooms

One of the guest favorites!  The luxury restroom trailer will be a gift to everyone.  Three separate rooms lock, are air conditioned or heated, and are cleaned and restocked by our staff during the evening.    


How much?

1. First calculate the cost of the chairs and tables depending on your guest count.  "Part #1"


2. Add the rest of the package below depending on tent size/guest count. "Part #2"  

3. Ask us what the flat rate travel would be for your city.


You now have the total before any add-ons you might need.  

Allie&Steve-Ceremony (38).jpg

Part #2 Essentials Package Price

50-125 Guests

40' x 40' Tent (limited)


151-220 Guests

40' x 80' Tent


126-150 Guests

40' x 60' Tent


221-260+ Guests

40' x 100' Tent


Helpful Add-ons 

Day of Coordination

You may just be starting to realize how much work is involved in planning the big day.  Once the day arrives hand off the logistics to a professional.  We also have a vendor coordinator package that focuses on coordinating the people you hired.  

Mrs. Bride, Mr. Groom

Dance Floor

If you and your guests enjoy dancing, we would enjoy installing a New England plank dance floor with transition edges.


Additional Staff & Service Ideas

-Vendor Coordinator

-Food truck

-Host/decorator package

-Sound Services

-Rustic Bar & Arches

-Lounge furniture/AC lounge

-High tops/wine barrels

-Band, ceremony, head table stage

-Mosquito control

-Farm head table

-Parking lot package


20'x20' Small Tent

There are many uses for this smaller high peak tent.  One of the most popular uses is for food and drink, the food line, or dessert.  It can also be a lounge tent, AC lounge, bar tent, kids tent, get ready tent, or dance floor tent.

Quiet Power 

The wedding day will require quite a bit of power.  Will the property's power be up to the task?  If not, we supply the quiet generators, run the cords, work with other vendors that may need power, and monitor the systems throughout the evening.  


A wedding story that almost didn't happen


It all started with a phone call from the bride's mother.  She was starting the process of finding vendors for her daughter and future son-in law.  The bride's mother and father built their home back in the late 80's and raised all their children there.  It was important for the bride to have her wedding at home.

They all wanted the day to be super special, and when we visited the property months prior, it was a joy to hear all their plans.  They needed a tent, tables, chairs, tent lighting, power for the lights and sound equipment, ceremony sound and reception sound, restroom trailer, dinner, clean-up, and much more.  

We were excited to help them, and the wedding day came quickly.  We were the first ones on site and almost the last to leave.  After dinner was completed and the dance was well underway, the mother of the bride came to us and talked.  She was overwhelmed with how well everything was going and was taking time to appreciate all the little moments.  The wedding day goes by very quickly, and it's important after all the hard work to stand back and take it all in.  

The mother also let us know that it was a miracle the wedding day was actually happening.  A few short years ago the bride was diagnosed with cancer and was not likely to live.  The mom and dad were not only thankful for the marriage that was about to begin, but they also remembered back when they thought about all the things their daughter would be missing if she had not made it.


While serving the family and guests we could tell something was a little different.  Everyone knew the story of the bride and groom.  It wasn't an easy start when they were dating, but they made it and were stronger because of it.  The guests were all there to celebrate and encourage them in the years to come.


The day is about the people.  The family and friends all had parts to play in the bride and groom's lives or the lives of their close family.  It's good to pause in our busy lives and get back to what really matters.  Weddings are a relaxing break and time to be with the people you care about.

There is a story with every couple and family we meet.  It's an honor to serve, and sometimes there are stories behind the stories that make the day even more of a celebration.  We at Ty's have the privilege to serve and be there with them.