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Ty's Wedding Rental and Services, is your All-in-One provider of many wedding day services.  Below are a few examples of places we can serve.  We encourage you to ask us questions.



Parks:  We really enjoy setting up and serving at hometown parks.  In fact, this is how Ty’s Wedding Rental and Services started back in 2013 by serving across the Twin Cities area setting up chairs for the ceremony.  We expanded quickly and now provide guest services, sound system, arches, transportation, videography and photography to name a few. 


Farms:  We have served many local farms, sheds, and outbuildings across the Twin Cities. They make for a totally unique and private wedding experience!  We provide just about everything they need from restrooms to DJ’s and many others in-between.  Typically farm weddings are large and with that comes a greater need for our services as managing all their guests would be impossible on their own.


At Home:  Many people are going back to home based weddings, and these have some of the best memories of the Bride’s family or Grooms.  The homeowners say ok let’s do it with a little nervousness in their voice but they know how special the day will be and what it means to their child.  We enjoy helping them ease into planning a large celebration at their home and how to manage all the aspects.   


Cabins:  Let's go north to the cabin and invite 100-450 guests!  Sound interesting?  It sure is a great celebration!  Many are surprised that we travel to obscure locations in the back woods where the smell of pine is in the air.  It's almost a vacation for our staff as we travel out of the city to someone’s special family cabin.  We bring it all from the Photographers, video, DJ, generators, restrooms, chairs, tables, tents, lighting and much more.  We truly stay on site the entire day serving!  


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