2019 Weddings! Have a great Christmas!

Hello, (please read this posting as we hope it's helpful! Enjoy!)

This blog posting is for our current 2019 brides and grooms already booked with us. Thank you by the way and we look forward to interacting with you, the family and guests!

2018 was truly crazy but so good! Just think, every weekend getting to meet, setup and serve for the biggest day of people's lives! That's our job!

Honestly when Monday clean-up comes its a bittersweet goodbye as we have built memories and friendships!

As Christmas and New Years comes you may have time to plan a few more of the wedding day activities. Who knows the guest list may be coming into better focus, wedding day timeline and other details. Your family and friends will definitely have questions at all the gatherings in this season.

It's quite common for family to drill you both on the details. Frankly they ask the hard questions and sometime bring up the oh no what if questions or worst case scenario. Don't let it ruffle your feathers as it's totally fine to not have every detail planned. Explain to them what you can and if they seem worried for some reason let it roll off your sleeve.

The both of you may have noticed that making decisions is hard work at times. Haha again totally normal as you both have different outlooks and ideas. Part of marriage is learning how to communicate well. Take this time to practice as it will definitely be needed during marriage.

One common question from family is the weather. Sad part is you can't give a good answer because we're not in control. No matter a great response could be, we actually have a plan A and a plan B that's just as good as A. If its raining just know we have changed a few things around to accommodate the conditions. (sidewalls on tents are very nice by the way)

There are many details when planning a wedding as your have no found out! It's normal to be a bit overwhelmed at times but just be realistic on how much you can do yourself. Make a top 10 list of items or things you want to do or create. Then delegate tasks to family and willing friends.

The property also has many projects which parents might be in charge of. If there are to many then help them cut the list. We see it far to often where last minute project are being completed the day before the wedding! Yikes!

In the end enjoy the planning process!

Here are a few updates:

FYI about the owners:

-Alissa and I are just about to have our first child! Any day now! Super excited!!

-I Tyler help out on the family farm October-November and April-May.

-We love going up to the north shore in the winter to hike. Bentleyville lights are also great!

-Sometimes you will see our family helping on busy wedding weekends.

-Alissa loves taking baby pictures.

Please look through the website for services you may not have considered plus new ones!

(May not be on the website but you're getting the inside scoop!)

-Rustic farm head table display.

-Stage for the wedding party or band.

-Full catering menu


-Throwback lounge

-Dance floor tent w/clear top.

Here are a few other services typically booked after the initial invoice as the date draws closer. Keep in mind we don't expect all couples to need everything. Typically after a time of discussion the couple reaches out to us and asks for prices because the task they wanted to take on is now turning into a big deal and taking up all their time. That's when we step in.

-Trash management

-Power management

-Lighting options


-Ceremony sound/DJ

-Food/Drink packages


We wish you the very best this Christmas and New Year!

From all of us at Ty's Wedding Rental & Services

Happy planning!

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