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2023 Ty's News & Updates

Welcome to 2023! Have you made a few new years resolutions? Sticking to them? Alissa and I have three kids under the age of 5. Our newborn arrived last September so we're out numbered and that means we're trying to be more organized and efficient in 2023 as our family grows up. As an adult most if not all of our family and friends have been about the same for years. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but everyone is predicable in a way. Our kids on the other hand are always changing and learning. Every week and stage of their lives is a new adventure and it's a blast! I can only imagine how their little personalities will grow in 2023! Alissa is blessing as a wife and mother, she is so caring, hardworking and doesn't complain. If you have questions about pregnancy, kids, family Alissa and I will talk your ear off!

2023 outdoor weddings are going to be great! That past few years have also been wonderful but with Covid wedding plans were way more difficult for couples to navigate. Our current couples for 2023 are calm and not expecting any issues like we had a few years ago. That's a relief because we want our couples to relax and enjoy the day to the fullest. I feel that this year will have some of the most excited couples and guest we have had so far. The reason being some guests still haven't been out much and it's been years sense they saw the couple and family.

Another reason why I feel this year is going to have some of the best energy is because coming to a wedding let's people forget current issues or pressures going on in life. It's easy to be discouraged when watching the news or being worried about the future. There are many things we can't control and that can make us uneasy. When people come to a wedding there is one focus and for a short time most keep their phones on silent and enjoy celebrating with people. It's a fun joyous day that doesn't happen often in a year. Most feel wonderful after the day is done because they have smiled, laughed, had interesting conversations, been fed wonderful food, and seen the couple get married!

Just think by having a wedding and inviting guests you're making a big difference in their life. You never know what someone has been going through before they arrive. They may be encouraged and offered support from people who truly care...

We have the unique opportunity to serve on this very important day and that gets us excited every weekend!

Business updates:

Every year we have been improving and growing. We went full time in 2016 with the business and it's been a wonderful wild ride! The tent wedding package started in 2021 and is so popular. Our couples and families love it and we have expanded our add-on offerings this year. The website is consistently changing and our goal is to help walk couples through the process of knowing what's needed.

I (Ty) enjoy every wedding from booking, set up, to day of duties. It's an honor being so involved. I still will be but I'm trying to cut down the 20hr Saturday shift and hand over some of the late night tasks to our team lead. I'm excited to build up our team as we will have more weddings then every before in 2023!

Our vendor coordinator package will be a great addition to many this year. I will be taking on these duties and I truly love it when couples book this package. I'm able to work with vendors with ease and they really like working with me because of the knowledge of the property, day of plans and I know what they're going through. I have been a photographer, videographer, cook, sound guy, band roadie, day of coordinator, shuttle driver, security officer, and much more.

We're hiring and will be interviewing this winter and spring for multiple positions. We will almost be doubling our work from last year so that requires more of the most valuable assets, our staff! Know anyone would would be a great fit?

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