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2024 Season Update


We hope you're well and have enjoyed this wonderful winter! Our family has seen it as an unexpected blessing! It's nice getting a break once in a while right? This winter has surely made things easier than expected.

We hope you feel the same about us in regards to the wedding day coming up. This update is for our booked couples and families who have weddings this year. Some of you booked a while ago and others more recently.

We're excited to serve and are looking forward to all our interactions coming up. How is the planning going on your end? Is there anything holding you up or sticky points? We have tips even if it doesn't pertain to us. I vendor coordinate and train our day of coordinators so all your questions are welcome.

Some of you are feeling right on track. Others are playing catch up. Most still have quite a few small details to figure out and accomplish. How is the family dynamic? Working well together, wishing you didn't have to work together or somewhere in-between? This is all very common and when planning such an important event things can get stressful at times. If you need tips on anything please reach out!

A little about communication:

April through October is our peak season. Hopefully, you're used to quick communication with us so far. There may be a few day's delay as we set up tents on Thursday, install more equipment on Friday, serve weddings on Fridays and Saturdays, and clean up on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is restocking the trucks and cleaning. We squeeze in some office time on Tuesday and Wednesday with all our other duties. Wow did you get that? Long story short we want to answer you ASAP but it might take some time depending on the day of the week.

Around one month before the date is a follow-up to see how everything is progressing. We ask you a few questions and schedule the 10-day follow-up phone call. During that phone call, we will go over all the details and update the invoice. The final payment is not due until after that phone call or Tuesday before the wedding at the latest.

Add-on Services:

You already know this but if there are additional rentals or services you wish to have please reach out ASAP. If we have availability then you can add the item to the invoice without any extra deposit.

New or Updated Services:

Some of these you may already know about but others may not.

-Virtual assistant. This is neat because we're able to help you with planning, research, and tasks. If stuck, out of time, burnt out, or need an expert to give pointers, then reach out. It's a per-hour service meaning us it a little bit or quite a bit.

-Portable bar this is in development but we hope to have pictures of the completed bar soon. It will be around 7' wide and hold up to two bartenders.

-Makeup artist services with airbrush or traditional comes to you the morning of the wedding. There is also a trial run with the bride a few weeks before the wedding.

-Our custom fit day of coordination package is specific to each couple and family's needs. Everyone is unique and we wanted to make a package that pivots with ease.

-Vendor planning is a task the virtual assistant can take care of but we wanted to mention it here. If you need help with finding transportation for your guests we have solutions. Catering is a big one. There are many little details most couples and families don't know to ask. We help guide those decisions.

-It's common for the ceremony rehearsal to be on-site and then go somewhere else for dinner. More and more couples are asking us if it's a good idea to have the rehearsal dinner under the tent. Some have a Sunday brunch and this could also be under the tent.

If you're considering this by all means utilize your property! We need to know if you plan to have a Friday dinner or Sunday brunch. Most of the rentals will be in place but some items may come on Friday or be picked up on Sunday so please inform us so we can ensure you have what you need. The restroom trailer package is for one day of use. We have a rehearsal dinner add-on and Sunday brunch. It may not be available depending on our Friday/Sunday bookings.

Rehearsal dinner or brunch add-ons (when available)

-Luxury Restroom Trailer

-Sound system



-Food truck vendors

-Trash clean-up

-Small bands and musicians

That's it for now. We're excited to serve and keep up the good work!

Reach out anytime with updates or questions.

Thank you,


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