At Home Wedding Rentals Basic Must Haves list.


Isn't it exciting to be engaged! The big question has come and the answer of course was yes! Four years ago my wife and I were married at the family farm just north of Stillwater Minnesota. Months before the big day arrived we were busy planning out the details. The first few weeks were great, everything was up in the air, ideas were being thrown around and it was months before the big day so decisions could wait until next weekend, or the next one after that.

After a month or so after the engagement was when reality hit as family and friends were asking very pointed questions. What time is the ceremony? Who will be your pastor? Have you picked the wedding party? Where will you live? Honeymoon plans? When is it because we're planning a family trip? Will you have peanuts in the dinner i'm allergic remember? Grandpa & Grandma need transportation? What about parking? How late will it go? Do you have a registry yet? The list can go on and on and it may be overwhelming as you just starting to plan. Family and friends are curious, and don't realize the questions only create stress when the answer is "I don't know".

In this blog I will go over the first few basic wedding rental equipment you should think about when having a at home, cabin, park, farm wedding.

Step #1

How many guests would you like to invite? The answer to this question will determine the size of structure you need. A wedding pole tent rented from us for example is the most common solution. If you have plenty of open space than any sized tent can be installed. If you plan to use a current structure like a barn or shed then your guest count may be determined by the size of the structure.

Step #2

Now that you have decided on a structure via, tent, barn, shed or cabin the next step is the wedding chairs. Chair rentals range from basic metal, fan back, white resin wedding style, and specialty designs. Ty's offer white resin chairs with a soft pad. These chairs are super clean and comfortable all day. Typically they're setup for the ceremony and then transitioned to the shelter for the reception.

Step #3

The ceremony has finished and your guests are hanging out at the property enjoying themselves. Dinner is being prepared and soon you and the guests will be undercover in the shelter for dinner. Rectangle or round tables are the most common. Rectangle offer the most efficiency and ease of movement by your guests. Round tables offers a bit of elegance but you lose about 20% capacity of the space. Don't forget the table linens or runners!

Step #4

Once dinner is complete the reception music may start and for that a dance floor can be added. As the sun begins to drop lighting inside the structure is key for safety and keeping the party alive!

Step #5

Everyone and I mean everyone will at some point need to use the restroom. What will you choose? A portable pot style you see at fairs and festivals? How about the new luxury restroom trailers than many have never seen before.

Step #6

Finally the last basic wedding rental item you may need is power management. We see it all to often when a homeowner underestimates how much power they will need on the wedding day. Unfortunately they typically find out the hard way as the lights turn off or the DJ goes quiet. Plan like an electrician or hire Ty's to take care of it all!

We hope this list will give you a basic idea of the first must have rental items

Barn Weddings
Wedding Ceremony in front of a vintage barn

on the wedding day. There are others we could add to the list but they come after the main items are complete.

Happy Planning!


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