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This is your team at Ty's saying hello! We hope you had a nice Christmas and start to the new year! Can you believe it's 2022?

-This message is for you our current brides, grooms, friends, and parents. It will provide:

-Communication tips

-Conflict resolution tips

-Services you may want to consider

-Our communication schedule with you

-This is long read so take it in chunks if you tend to skim.

First thank you for booking services with us and we're truly excited for the coming busy wedding season starting in April! We're sure the last few months have been busy with family and holiday plans. As wedding planning get back on track we're here for you when questions come up.

The countdown begins! Have you wondered when everything is due and how you will get more info on the services we're providing you? Read on!

January 2022, at this point you're still in the relative easy planning stage. Ideas flow and details can still be up in the air a bit. There may not be to many objections yet because oh it's still a few months away.

4 months prior

By this point all of the major things have been decided and will be hard to change. You have been in communication with your vendors. The fine details are now the hot topic. This stage takes even more planning, communication and effort. Decisions need to be made and that can create conflict when there are many decision makers.

One Month Prior:

This will be our first official follow-up with you. A simple email from us will come to your inbox. We will ask how the wedding planning is going and see if additional services are needed. This is a great time to ask us questions or helpful hints. You still have enough time to complete big projects around the property but we suggest trying to have them completed a week before the wedding as there are many other to-do items you will need to finish.

10 Day's Prior:

This meeting will be scheduled during our one month follow-up. We call you at a specific time and walk you through the entire invoice. All of your questions will be answered like delivery, services specific requests and other details. Don't worry this will be a long phone call. Also we will be finalizing the invoice details so your guest count may change or you may want to add another service. This is just fine but keep in mind if your guest count goes up equipment might not be available.

Final Payment due the Tuesday before the wedding:

After our 10 day follow-up phone call an updated invoice is sent to you via email. The remaining balance is on the bottom of the invoice. Then send the balance to us which is required to arrive no later than Tuesday.


This is the most typical day for the tents to be setup if you have reserve one. Keep in mind the weather may be poor and that could delay the tent setup a few hours or we may request to setup the next morning or the day prior. After the tent is setup you can start your setup activities. Please have all mowing completed and grass bagged before the tent goes up.


We return in the morning with tables, lighting, and many of the other items you reserved. If all goes to plan we should be completed early to mid afternoon. Again weather can change this slightly.

Wedding day!

It's here! Wonderful and we arrive mid morning with possible items such as restroom trailers, sound systems, catering supplies, coordination staff, serving staff, clean-up staff and much more.


Clean-up day for you. Our staff will be resting until Monday. If we need to clean-up on Sunday for some reason we will ask during our 10 day follow-up.


Weather again could delay clean-up of the tent but 80% of the time everything will be cleaned up on Monday including the restroom trailer, all rental items and the tent. If it's raining on Monday then we might request to take down the tent on Tuesday so the tent top can dry a bit.

You can of course contact us anytime with questions and updates. Our office day's in our peak season is Tuesday and Wednesday.

Communication is key to a successful relationship not only in marriage but family, co-workers and beyond. You may wonder why are we putting in a large section about communication? It's so important to learn how to do it well. Below are a few tips specifically related to planning weddings. The main difference between a great wedding and a poor one is in the planning and communication.

You may be a great communicator but there is always room to improve

Develop great conversation habits with your future spouse and family. Let's face it disagreements can happen and will continue but once you work through them life it much better! Listen listen listen. Have you ever tried listening to understand? You ask questions rather than firing back.

Bride and Groom Communication Tips: Take time to listen to your family or property owners where the wedding is taking place. They have practical real experience they want to share. Listen and ask questions but take everything into consideration. It's fine to say thank you for the ideas and write them down to decide on later. With wedding fever on your minds little details that may effect the guests can go on the back burner because hey you have a ton going on! Wedding planning, honeymoon, home, finances, work and so forth. Your family and friends can be guides for details you have not thought about.

The property owners are giving quite a bit more than you will know by allowing 100-400 people to celebrate at their home. They might have big improvement projects coming this summer just because the wedding is happening. Thank them anytime you can. FYI most parents or property owners say they were glad the wedding took place on the property because it gave them the excuse to get projects done that may have taken years.

Things can get stressful as the wedding day approaches mainly because the communication between the couple and family has gone way down. Mom and dad want to know what is going on so keep them in the loop.

Decide how you will make decisions together as a couple. Again there are many opinions out there but in the end you both must make the final call on many of the big items. Marriage has even more decisions to make so take time to make decisions together. One of you will be better at different things, that's great and totally normal.

Once you have listened to all the wedding ideas and made a few decisions who will be your hands and feet?

Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! This is some of the best tip we can give. There is no way you can do it all alone so when projects come up hand it off and put someone in charge. This is a great thing to do with parents who come up with items you may not wish to do, put it in their hands. Ask other family and friends to help and give them the tools and authority to get it done.

There are two ways you can delegate:

The looking over your shoulder person, you know what we're talking about. Well, if you're this kind of person get ready to be overwhelmed the week of the wedding. Months before the wedding this delegation works because you have time to address every questions. Once the wedding week is here you won't have time to pull out your binder with step-by-step instructions.

An example could be: Hey "you" would you like the outside games placed by that tree or over there, and are you fine with the this game with these bags. Another person walks over and says what layer would you like the chocolate cup cakes on verses the other 6 flavors. A third person waiting to speak says can you show me how you want the flowers placed on the tables, you arrange them how you like it and then 20 minutes later they come back again and say is this ok. A forth person comes to you with a wardrobe questions. A sixth and seventh person both come over arguing about something really simple and say you need to decide for us. Your dad or mom comes over to you frustrated because they don't know what's going on and have opinions about everything. You're also frustrated as say please relax its all fine.

These are just a few real examples of what happens to a bride or groom on the wedding day. It can get out hand quickly and you become overwhelmed with the amount of decisions.

A better way to delegate tasks is a person that enables and encourages the helpers to take total control over the project. Yes you have to be fine with their judgement but if you give clear guideline, not step by step instructions they will get it done.

Examples of an enabler could be:

Hey "helper" I see your interested in this project would you be willing to take it on yourself or with a few others?

"Helper" I give you total responsibility for the games on the wedding day. Make your best judgement on where they should be placed and if any issues come up make the best decision because I will be to busy. Thank you! You're the best and I know you will do just fine!

"Helper" My main concern about the cupcakes is that they make it into the guests mouths. Yes I would like a neat display but that is why I put you in charge because you're so creative! Have fun and don't worry about the final look I trust you!

"Helpers" I understand you're having a conflict over this project but I trust you both on making a great decision. If you still can't figure it out please talk to so and so as I'm a bit to busy as you know to handle it personally. Thanks! You're the best!

Dad's and mom's can sometimes feel a bit left out so it's important to keep them in the loop and give them projects. There is nothing worse than having overly helpful people that get frustrated at you for not giving them tasks.

Mom, Dad & Property Owner Tips:

Thank you for all your help not only with the wedding planning but all the years of raising your child! We at Ty's are new parents and realized really quick how much our parents did just to keep us alive! There is no possible way to thank you for all the unseen services you have done over the years! Congrats the wedding day is coming and you have raised an amazing person who is about to start their marriage journey!

We have little experience as parents but we work with parents all year long helping them plan the big wedding day with there 20-30s child. We can only imagine after all the years of being a parent you can't just stop being a parent. For example our 1 year old is walking and without our help she would be well you know...

We see a mix of parents who are overly involved or on the sidelines ready to help. The problem we see is when parents are trying to control or give opinions on every aspect of the wedding day. Sometimes parents want it to look a certain way because its at their property and we have status to maintain. We call that pride and oh we all struggle with this one.

I'm sure from the first day your came into this world they have wanted to do things there way or at least learn how to do it. As parents you have been through years of learning experiences and have wisdom you wish your kids would listen to. They will and have while your raised them.

If communication has been a struggle with your kids start now and create a new way of thinking about it. Their adults and make mistakes of their own. Now that the wedding day is soon approaching you child and their future spouse will be making their own decisions for their family. It will be a little bit hard as a parent to let go and be ok with things that are different from you. Just like when you got married there were things you did different from mom and dad.

If you haven't already, let you child know that you understand he/she should make the final decision with their future spouse before you. (This can be hard) Practicing this as a parent enables them and helps them transition to marriage life. If you honor their new relationship as Husband and Wife before mom and dad this will do wonders for your future relationship with them. It shows respect and understanding and they will thank you for it later in life!

You matter so much, but right now your ability to encourage, support, serve and help will be huge! Things will be different at this wedding than maybe you imagined. Totally normal and if you're fine with letting go of a few things it will help all the more. Your parent child relationship is transitioning into a mentor/friend relationship congrats! It's a new season!

Other tips we've learned:

-Don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on the main things.

-You will run out of time and not every project will be complete. Totally normal.

-As the wedding week arrives make a practical to-do list and cut what you can't get done.

-You're guests wont know what you didn't get done.

-The weather is out of your control. Have a plan B that is just as good as A.

-Practice the rehearsal before the rehearsal night. This will help you have a plan before everyone is there the next evening.

-Don't skimp on the ceremony, make it unique and memorable for the two of you.

-Call your guests for RSVP's. Give them a hard deadline and stick to it. If they want to come after that then say only for the ceremony and no food.

-Get all projects completed by Tuesday on the wedding week. Set everything in bins or boxes labeled and create a setup guide for your family and friend workers.

-Don't forget to plan for outdoor lighting so your guests can walk the property and safely make it back to their vehicles.

-You're responsible for guest safety, walk the property and find ways to fix potential issues.

-Summer can mean bugs, spray or prevent weeks and then days before. (Great task for dad)

-Make a timeline for your wedding party and have them put it on their phone or have a printout. Start the timeline a few weeks before. Dress fittings, parties, rehearsal, wedding day.

-Your wedding party will forget things. It's fine and don't take it personally as they have busy lives and must have spaced it on something. Put another family member in charge of fixing the problem or let it be. For example wrong socks, forgot shoes, and so forth.

-We strongly suggest a person who can coordinate the family besides the photographer. The person you choose shouldn't be in the wedding party and should have experience. The vendor coordinator package we offer is a wonderful way to ensure all your vendors are taken care of.

-Create a timeline with duties built right in. Keep extra time open for delays on the wedding day.

-Try to get the entire wedding week off from work. If you only get Thursday and Friday its quite hard to catch up on all your tasks.

-Have fun and enjoy every moment! It really does go by fast so take it in, enjoy your guests, have special moments with family and enjoy your wonderful spouse on the wedding day!

Ty's Services you may want to consider!

-Vendor Coordinator

Follow the link to learn more. This package focuses on your vendors. We act as their main point of contact and coordinate their efforts. Wonderful new package that expands from our Day of coordinator packages.

-White Hard Dinnerware

We expanded our dinnerware packages to include strong white dinner plates with high quality cutlery. In the past years we have noticed how many use plastic dinnerware. (send us an email with the code "5off" and we will give you a $5 discount for reading this today) A few things happen with plastic, the dinner plates are to weak and bend with larger portions. Second the plastic cutlery breaks or cant cut through the food and guests become frustrated. If you have plastic dinnerware please consider our package.


Elevating the wedding party or serving a band. Bands typically require a stage or floor and it helps all the guests see the performance.

-Power Management

Probably the most unseen but critical service we offer. It's hard to explain but you won't know that you have a power problem until the wedding day and then things get tricky. We not only provide the quiet generators but are on site monitoring and working with vendors to make sure they get what they need. We plan with you so all power needs are covered.

-AV equipment

In development and not fully on the website is a package that includes a projector or large TV to display slideshows and movies. Please ask for more details.


Have you considered Videography? Probably but it may not be on your top priorities list. We offer ceremony only packages or full day coverage. At this point we most likely always offer ceremony coverage as all our staff are trained in ceremony services.

Trash Cleanup

One of the most forgotten items is the trash. Who will clean up after the guests and provide bins and liners when they fill? Having a clean atmosphere also helps your guests feel more comfortable and stay later. We would enjoy taking care of this important task.

Thank you for reading! From the entire team at Ty's we thank you for choosing us and are excited to serve you this year! The picture below is Ty, my wife, and little 1 year old girl!

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