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How To Have An Outdoor/At Home Wedding Even With Virus Concerns

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Hello current 2020 wedding couples, family, and friends! Hello recently engaged couples planning on a 2020 or 2021 wedding! We're truly excited about your big day and know there is a lot of news out there about the efforts our country and people are doing to kick this virus in the rear!

We wanted to send this letter to let you know yes it's on our minds as well. We're hopeful that by late April things will be back on track and are so excited to serve on your wedding day!

The CDC just announced that my the middle of April we will be in the peak of virus outbreak. They feel that by the end of April guidelines can relax. By June 1st restrictions should be way down so large gathering can take place. That being said we feel confident that wedding in June, July, August, September, October, and November for outdoor weddings will be wonderful!

We're with you in this time of adjustment. We laugh as you do when we visit the grocery store and again the TP is out. Just the other day I was in the drive through at Chick-Fil-A. I was so thankful for the persons working and the hot food served right to my car was extra good! (You should go there) Our extended family has become closer as we're all checking up and playing games over live video. I have continued to perform many property visits and everyone is hopeful and excited. In fact I know 2020 is going to have some of the most excited guests ever because it will be an honor to attend. They won't be thinking about the next project at work, or checking social media as often, or planning the vacation. They will be focused on the day at hand and all the people they can interact with in person!

Sure technology is wonderful and we're blessed by how connected we can be. At the same time people are recognizing how something is missing with all the streaming video, apps and phone calls. That's right it's personal one to one interactions. Having a wedding allows so many people the chance to interact, play games, and communicate in a way never replicated online. Get ready for an increase in unplugged weddings as well as we all focus on what matters most.

We're thinking and praying for the families who have been put in a hard place due to their job situation or sickness. Flexibility has an entirely new meaning and one positive is we have seen people come together and help one another. Your family and friends are so important and having them join you in the celebration means even more in 2020.

We're here for you so please contact us with questions. Below are a few common thoughts that may come to mind depending on the specifics of the wedding day.

-Will I even be able to have my wedding with all the social restrictions?

-Will my guests feel comfortable coming?

-Will my vendors even be able to perform their duties?

-How can I create a safe environment for my guests?

-How many guests will RSVP?

-What about the elderly and susceptible guests?

-My catering plan is up in the air, now what?

-I want to get married on my day, how can I best do that?

-I'm doing a live stream ceremony to my family. Can I make a new date for the reception?

-Does Ty's offer the option to transfer to another date so I don't loose my deposit?

We have answers to all these questions and would enjoy talking with you!

The virus concern is an obstacle when it comes to the wedding day and our lives in general right now. Obstacles can be overtaken with careful planning and diligence. It will take a little more work but honestly your guests want to get out! I mean really who want's to tip-toe around people and be concerned? No one! They want to get out and enjoy the wonderful world God created for them.

What new services can help in this time?

-We have a live stream video package in which your guests can live stream video on their phone, PC or dial in and hear it with their phone. We setup everything and help your guests connect. It's even possible to have your pastor or officiant lead the service remotely.

-Sanitation packages that supply hands free sanitizer dispensers around the property. Wonderful way to give guests a quick cleanup before dinner.

-Luxury restroom trailer. This package already has a built in guest care bonus of our staff cleaning the unit from the dinner hour until the end of the evening. We have increased cleaning to every 30 minutes. Wonderful package!

-Hot pizza package! We work with many vendors for buffet style catering but the pizza is through a local pizza chain. Our business account gives us a great price per pie. Our pizza package is a hands free option for your guests. The only hands that touch the plate and pizza is our staff in which we have gloves and are food safety certified. If a guest comes up for seconds a new plate is used. The same process goes for our cold and hot beverages. The guests are not able to self-serve.

Chick-Fil-A! Yes you know I go there. We also partner with them for catering services. Typically they're used for late night snacks but with catering lines not as popular in the time having us serve your guests is a wonderful idea for hands free food service.

-Vendor Coordinator package. You may have additional logistical challenges than before. Our coordinators have performed every duty from being a photographer to serving food. We can help ensure all vendor activities go well and you have less to worry about.

-Wedding Website. You probably have one. This is one of the best ways to communicate and keep them informed. We also have the option of adding a specific page on our website with updates for your guests. Just ask!

Did you know having an outdoor wedding day is huge in this time!

-You have the freedom to plan the property.

-There is no venue telling you what to do.

-Outdoors is safer and more open than venues.

-Guests have more fun and have flexibility.

-Kids and their parents love it!

-The property offers a totally unique and interesting setting.

-Many of the guests already have fond memories of the property.

Thank you for reading this message! We want to hear from you if there are any questions. Our hope is that by late April when the weather is warm the restrictions will be way less and having a wedding with all your guests is totally possible. If not let's talk about moving the reception to another open date and planning the biggest celebration ever!

Have a wonderful day!

God bless!

Ty's Wedding Rental & Services Team

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