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Rustic Vintage Wedding Dinnerware


Welcome to 2019 and hopefully you have a few new years resolutions that you can stick with all year long! It can be hard to stick with the plan but keep it up and have realistic expectation of what you can actually do.

The same mindset applies to planning a wedding in regards to setting realistic expectations of what you can actually get done. We built the business on performing many of the tasks that are needed on the wedding day that most people can't perform without our help. When making your wedding to-do list keep in mind most of the setup duties are done the day before the wedding or the morning of the wedding day. We assume you and the family will already be busy with last minute tasks.

Unless you have 150+ extra place settings sitting around there is practically no way to provide dinnerware, on your own.

Wedding Reception Dinnerware, cutlery, drinkware, stemware
Vintage Wedding Dinnerware Rentals

We see many different options for plastic dinnerware and cutlery at home weddings but there are many who dream of having real dinnerware. Real dinnerware elevates the dinner experience and gives it extra class plus practically your guests find it easier to use the real thing. (Big shocker)

What was our process in picking a dinnerware option for our brides and grooms?

A. The first option was to offer quality elegant matching dinnerware. The cutlery and glasses would be placed on the tables prior to guests arriving and the dinner plates would sit at the start of the buffet line.

B. The second option and the one we picked was to offer Vintage mismatched dinner plates with elegant china and drinkware. All items would be set up on the dining tables prior to the guests arriving. The unique colors, designs and patterns of the Vintage plates would be part of the decor plans. As the guests arrived they would observe a sea of wonderful dinner plates that would elevate the overall look of the day.

Lastly the Vintage wedding dinnerware rental included cleanup by our staff. We buss tables, interact with your guests and take home all the dirty dishes for you that evening.

Enjoy the new year!

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