Spring, Summer, & Fall 2019 Weddings!

Updated: Apr 11, 2019


This spring newsletter is for our current brides and grooms that have already booked with us for the 2019 season.

Please take time to read this message in full as it's for your benefit!

It will:

-Have helpful hints.

-Talk about how busy your life can get before and on the big day.

-Explain our communication schedule with you (Very Important).

-Q&A section.


We wanted to say hello before our busy wedding season gets underway. Thank you again for booking services with Ty's, and we're truly excited to be apart of the big day! As your learning, it's a lot of work! All the details, dealing with family, RSVP's taking forever to return, making decisions as a couple, having disagreements, and still working a full time job is all totally normal. The practice your getting now will be very useful during marriage. Marriage takes continuous hard work and purpose, and you have to think about the other person first. Wedding planning is just the beginning of marriage, so enjoy the process, have fun, grow in your understanding of each other, and take time to plan for the marriage vision as well!

The wedding day may be next month or months away, but this letter is for everyone. You may be feeling overwhelmed, excited, stressed, and full of joy all at once. If your to-do list is becoming very large or you're wondering if it will all get done, then it's time to ask for help, delegate, or take away items to lesson the load.

We're very excited to serve all summer long and our goal is to help make the day a huge success and launch the couple into a great marriage!

Helpful Hints

A few big tips from past brides and grooms is to take in every moment of the wedding day as it goes by so fast. Also, don't sweat the little stuff; if everything on your to-do list doesn't get done, it's to be expected! Some also wished they could have talked and interacted more with their guests. If your guest count is above 150, this will become increasingly difficult. We notice it's mostly because there is too much scheduled for the bride and groom or scheduled at the wrong time. Below are a few ways to gain back time with the guests:

-Have a receiving line after the ceremony since some guests will only be able to attend the ceremony.

-Take as many pictures as possible before the ceremony even if your first look is during the ceremony.

-Schedule 1-2 hours of time after the ceremony where your guests can interact, have a few snacks and drinks, and talk with you in a casual environment (normally known as the cocktail hour, but most couples have pictures during this time which keeps them away from the guests).

-Create a wedding day timeline that helps you visit with guests. Work with your photographer, videographer, and DJ to create a plan that works best.

-Hire Ty's to perform more of the work so that you and your friends and family are free to celebrate. (Many weddings at the home, farm, cabin, or park require a lot of planning and people to make happen).

What to expect from Ty's in regards to communication before the wedding day.

***Very Important!***

Our summer schedule is packed full! As you can imagine, every weekend we're serving at multiple locations. We have many brides, grooms, and family who are getting excited about the big day and hoping all the plans work out just right. However, we want each of our brides and grooms to have a good understanding of what to expect from us. We have to be super organized and into the details of each wedding week by week, so that means our office time is very limited spring-fall. Having a communication plan helps us focus our efforts on the next wedding.

The communication schedule to follow will help you know what to expect. Please read and make notes for yourself.

April 15th-November 15th:

Over a month before the wedding day:

We encourage you to email or call with questions, additions, or updates, but we will only respond to your message on Tuesday or Wednesday each week.

Three to Four weeks before the wedding day:

We will send an email asking how the planning is progressing. We will ask if you have any questions or additions, but all final guest count numbers are not due until our final follow-up. Please save them until that meeting.

Ten days prior to the wedding day:

This is your final follow-up over the phone or email where we discuss all the services you have booked with us. Please plan a time that works for you and let us know before that date. All guest count specific services are finalized and the invoice updated and emailed over to you with the remaining balance. We will also discuss the delivery schedule and your wedding day timeline. If our coordination team, hosts, sound staff, catering staff, or other staff-intensive package is booked with you, we will also discuss duties and fine details. All your questions can be answered at this time. An updated invoice will be sent to you.

The balance is due after the updated invoice arrives in your inbox. Payment must be made prior to us arriving the next week for setup duties. This is because we're focused on serving you and don't have time to run around finding who holds the checkbook. You can imagine it can be an awkward experience for us.

The week of the wedding:

It's finally here, and all the plans are coming together. If you have booked our coordination team, they will reach out to you early in the week for a long phone conversation. Tents are typically set up on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the weather, and the remaining items arrive Friday and Saturday.

If only ceremony services are booked, then we will have already talked about our arrival time to the park, venue, or home.

After the wedding:

Monday is clean-up day and a time to marvel at the new marriage and what fun the wedding day was! We pack up our supplies and just as fast as it was put up, everything is over, but the memories last a lifetime. The wedding day goes by really quick, so enjoy every moment with friends and family. We will take care of the rest and be supporting you at every step!

Possible add-on services with Ty's!

As the planning is progressing, you may have noticed how more and more items are added to the to-do list. "We forgot about that," or "who is going to take care of those?" Below is a list of other helpful services you may not have considered. One of our goals is to help your day run smoothly by taking care of many of the behind the scenes services you don't always think about.

-Trash Management Package (We pick up after your guests and provide trash bins.)

-Ceremony Video (This simple Raw HD package is so fun to watch after the wedding day!)

-Drone Fly-over (A 15 minute video way up in the sky!)

-Hosts (Helpful people assigned to do any task you need on the wedding day.)

-Power Management (We provide the quiet generators, run the cords, and help you plan.)

-Fans (A great way to cool down your guests on the hot summer evenings.)


-Q: What if my RSVP's are in and my guest count has gone down? Should I email you right away?

-A: No need to let us know right away. Please wait until our 10 day final follow-up. This is when all changes can be made.

-Q: Can I pay earlier than our 10 day follow-up?

-A: We would suggest not because your numbers will probably change a bit even up to two weeks prior.

-Q: What if we have additional guests or a services I want to add?

-A: Please tell us right away, and on our office days, we will message you back if any additional equipment or staff is available.

-Q: What if the weather looks poor when I check the Monday before the wedding?

-A: First, we suggest that you create a plan B that's as good as plan A. Second, it's very hard to know what the weather will be like more than 2 days out. Honestly we check the night before as that gives us the best idea. Weather is unpredictable. Try to not worry, but have a great plan B ready with people who know how to implement it. We hope the weather is not going to determine your attitude on your wedding day. Instead, be excited no matter the forecast as there is so much fun to be had with all your guests!

-Q: Do I need a wedding day timeline?

-A: Yes, and you also need a ceremony timeline. Our staff will be going by your timeline, so having key details in there will be really helpful for you, family, vendors, and us. If you need help, just ask!

-Q: What should be my focus?

-A: Keep yourself available on the wedding day for what matters most. After the wedding, would you rather say, "Wow, that was an absolute blast," or "Wow, I wish we could have finished the decorations on the tables and done the balloon thing and the wall with our pictures and my hair situation and the classic car gift table idea...oh I wish we would have done more"? It can be easy to have regrets, but be realistic as well, and have a clear focus on what matters most.

-Q: What does Ty's need from us on the wedding day?

-A: A great attitude and spirit of fun and adventure!

Fun Fact:

-This season you may see a baby girl aged 5 months-10 months joining us on setup days. That's our daughter Vera! She'll be keeping us all in line.

Have a great rest of your day!

We will be in touch if we don't hear from you first.

Thanks again!


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