• Ty's Wedding Services

You're The Best!

This message is for our past couples and property owners.


We're truly thankful that you have considered us to serve once again! Getting the opportunity to visit, serve and enjoy another big day at the same property is amazing! It's like visiting old friends that you haven't seen for a while.

Being in familiar territory is always a welcome event for us.

We would like to thank you by giving away a free service. Please pick one and we will add it to the invoice.

Have a great day! We're looking forward to seeing you again.

Keep up the good work of building a strong marriage!

-Pick One

-Up to 6 fans

-Candle Centerpieces Package

-Ceremony Raw Video

-Parking Lot Package

-Ice delivery (sorry still have to pay for the ice)

-Mosquito Control day of perimeter fogging

-4 black trash bins (if not booking the trash cleanup package)

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