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The Core Essentials Wedding Rental Packages

Exciting! Wedding plans for the spring, summer and fall are in prime time planning mode. Engagements have happened or in progress and we're flooded with questions about 2022-23 dates and services. 2021 was a great year for outdoor weddings! After looking through the website we're so happy that we can provide so much and also be experts for many who are exploring the idea of an at home wedding day.

The Tent Wedding package is way to hit the easy button for the most common and needed items. We take care of the tent, sidewalls which most forget about, tables, chairs, wonderful globe lighting, and the guest favorite a luxury restroom trailer. Visit our packages page for more details.

During most of our email and phone call conversation most people ask what main things to I need. Our new answer is "The Tent or Barn Wedding Package". Once a package is booked the major rental items are covered and the next step is the add-on and professional services. It all depends on the needs of the couple and family. Our goal is to see you interacting with guests and family rather than taking care of all the details and getting burnt out.

Add-on examples after booking the core essentials could be:

-Are there any other tables you might need for the ceremony or reception? Food line, gift tables, high tops, wine barrels, ceremony rustic table.

-Will there be a dance? How about a dance floor?

-Sound system for the ceremony or DJ?

-Quiet generators for lighting, sound and the restroom?

-Stage for the wedding party or band?

-Farm head table?

Examples of Professional Services

-Day of Coordination or Vendor Coordinator

-Photography & Videography

-Clean-up/Trash services

-Hot beverages bar

-Shuttle Van

We're all about the experience, high end equipment, super service, highly skilled staff, communication and helping to launch a couple into a great marriage. Ask us for more tips and ideas!

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