Wedding Vendor Coordination

Updated: Nov 15, 2019


We hope you're having a great day and have enjoyed reading and learning about us through the blogs and website pages. Did you know emailing or calling will give you way more info specifically for you? As your potential future wedding service we really like talking because it allows us to get to know you and you us rather than just looking at the prices and pages on the website.

Today we wanted to introduce a new service that we feel will be a huge help to anyone who books it. We at Ty's can provide many services as you can see but often couples have a photographer or a food vendor in mind and band well ahead of time. This is great but who will you put in charge of all these extra vendors on the wedding day? You're getting ready and not always available to take questions or address issues with the vendors as they arrive at all times of the day.

We built the Vendor coordinator package just for this purpose. Our day of coordinator package also performs these duties but for those who don't need the day of coordinator package the vendor coordinator is the next best thing and the price is not that bad.

What does a Vendor coordinator do?

First about 10 days before the wedding the VC as we will call it has a phone meeting with you. They talk about the wedding day plans, timeline and each vendor. It's important that the VC know exactly what you expect from each vendor and what is provided by them.

Once all the contact info has been gathered the next thing they do is call every vendor the week of the wedding. We not only confirm what they have put on the contract but we also through our experience ask them pointed questions that you would not otherwise know to ask. We tell them that we the VC is now their primary contact and go to person on the wedding day.

Once the wedding day arrives the VC is on site ready for the services to arrive. They greet and direct each vendor to their specific spot and confirm they have everything that is needed. Throughout the afternoon and evening the VC monitors their progress and fixes problems that may arise. Our goal through this package is to be your advocate and help make everything run smooth and how it's suppose to.

We're a vendor ourselves and know what it takes at each step. We tend to fix potential problems before they even happen by communicating well and following up.

Potential VC conversations:

1. Catering

-What time are you arriving?

-How many staff do you have?

-What equipment and supplies are you bringing?

-Will you provide a table or table clothes?

-Are you having two lines or four?

-Will you staff be busing the tables?

2. DJ

-Let's talk about the day of timeline?

-Will you have one or two speakers for the ceremony?

-How much power do you need?

-The couple would like a 20 minute break at 8pm is that on your timeline?

-Can you turn down the bass during the speeches..thank you.

3. Bar staff

-What are you providing?

-The couple said ice was included how many lbs are you bringing?

-If stock is running out what is your plan?

-Do you have wine bottle openers?

-How many cups are you bringing?

4. Transportation

-Can you confirm the pickup locations and times.

-Who is the driver and do you plan our a route before the day?

-What vehicle is being used and how many passengers?

-Who do we call if the vehicle is late?

5. Band

6. Late night food

7. Decorators

8. Photographers

9. Videographer

10. Many more depending on your situation

This is only the initial chat we will have with the vendors. Then on the wedding day much more of the logistics will play out.

Please ask us about this service if it interests you.

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