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Sailcloth Tent Wedding Package

We thought it would be nice to have the main rentals bundled together for your luxury outdoor wedding.

Tidewater tent.jpg

The Tent

The first item in the package is the large sailcloth pole tent. We picked the pole tent because of its clean, high-peak design. The canopy is translucent letting just enough light in.  The side poles are a wood pine that gives the tent a rustic but elegant feel. 

Tidewater Tent2.jpg


The dinner hour has arrived, and you can choose the 8' rectangles, 5' rounds, or both.  They seat a maximum of 8 guests.  We also recommend tables for the food line, displays, and wedding party.  The final count can be modified up to ten days before the wedding.  It takes some time to gather RSVPs.

Wedding Reception Round Table

Tent Sidewalls

Sidewalls are included with the package and installed weather-dependent.  They're super helpful to block, wind, and rain. If the temp drops, they help keep guests warm. The clear windows allow sunlight to filter into the tent.

Tidewater sidewalls.jpg

Luxury Restroom

The luxury restroom complements everything in the package.  It's the best option out there and truly the guests will be thankful and impressed.  The private rooms are decorated, stocked, have guest care baskets, AC, hot water sinks.  The best part is we're there cleaning the rooms during the evening. 

Luxury Restroom Trailer 3 stall

Then Chairs

Our medium brown cross back resin chairs or white garden option are comfortable and clean.  The final count is due ten days before the wedding, and you only pay for what you need.  The best part is that we set up the chairs for you.


Bistro Tent Lighting

Tent lighting is essential.  LED globe lights start at the perimeter of the tent.  Next, they go up to the center poles and back down in a V pattern. The warm glow bulbs are inviting and have a vintage touch. There's a dimmer so once the sun goes down you can keep the atmosphere calm and relaxing. 

LED globe tent lighting

Dance Floor

Our New England Plank dance floor is set up under the tent.  It's waxed and clean for all the excitement later in the evening.  The transition edges make it easy to step on and off.  

Dance floor under a tent

Set up & Tear down

Warning:  We're very involved!  The big items like the tent, dance floor, tables, and lighting is installed by us.  Then we're back on the wedding day performing many other tasks.  


Wait a minute, let's say you want to work even less on the wedding day so you book some of our add-ons.  Get ready for us to be there quite a bit more!    

Wedding today sign

Popular Add-ons

These items are wonderful and dare we say highly suggested.  It's your choice.


-Table linens

-Day of coordinator or vendor coordinator

-Trash cleanup helper

  Full list of Add-ons

Wedding head table
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