When will the equipment and helpful staff arrive?

Keep in mind weather and other factors can update delivery and setup tasks.

About 1 month before the wedding is when we make our first official follow-up over email.  At this time we ask how the planning is progressing and if you have any questions.  

After our 10 day follow-up the wedding week will soon arrive.  Here is a typical delivery and setup schedule.

Thursday:  Tent setup in the morning weather permitting.  Sometimes Wednesday morning if there is poor weather on Thursday.  Depending on the weekend schedule additional equipment like tent lighting, chairs, tables, dance floor will also arrive. 

Friday:  Tables, chairs, lighting, dance floor, linens, fans and other items under the tent or in barn wedding. 

Saturday mid/late morning:  Coordination staff, restroom trailer, food line equipment, power generation, and additional equipment depending on services booked. 

Prior to the ceremony at home or park services:  Chair setup, sound equipment, food services and professional staff. 

Post ceremony at parks:  Tear down shortly after the guests have left. 


Monday:  Clean up mid morning.  Tent take down late morning or early afternoon weather dependent.  Tuesday tent tear down if poor weather on Monday.  

Please note that our specific schedule for you is determined after our final follow-up.  At that time we ask for a wedding day timeline from you. 

Our schedule may even change for the wedding day after our setup duties on Friday are complete.  Why? 

The reason is simple we're serving at a home property, cabin or farm.  Sometime the layout of the property has changed a bit or weather related issues comes up which pushes our timeline.  The weather on the wedding day determines when we arrive as well.  

Weddings are dynamic and we adjust according to help make it a huge success!