Sound System Rental

Events & Dances

Our PA system can be rented for outdoor and indoor events like weddings, and celebrations.  We perform all the set up and have powerful speakers and wireless mics so all guests can enjoy the event.  We operate the system so you can focus on the other tasks you may have. 


Political Discussion

There are many small and large political events in which a group of people come to hear an elected official.  These events can happen anywhere and our PA/Sound system takes care of it by providing multiple wireless mics, speakers, chairs and tables. 

US Flag

Celebration of Life

Hosting a celebration of life at home or special place is becoming more popular.  We take care of the sound system needs so all guests can hear to stories being told.  

Memorial Candle

Business Meeting

Our PA/Sound system is portable to the point that we can set up anywhere you wish.  If power is a problem outdoors our quiet generator add-on takes care of it.  The system might be used for a growing small business or a large corporate event celebrating, training, or groundbreaking something new!

Female Presenter

Auction & Sales

Auctions are usually filled with many guests wanting to purchase household goods, equipment, vehicles, farm livestock, and much more.  Our PA, Sound system rentals take care of broadcasting the information needed in order to make the sale.



The drive in movie theaters are harder to find now days but what if you wanted to host a movie in a park, movie at a business, movie indoors for a special event.  Having great sound makes the experience!

Outdoor Movie