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How to Start a Business in Minnesota or Wisconsin

Owning and operating a business is an absolute joy!  We're a small family-owned operation and have wonderful tips for you.

40'x40' Tent

Our Business

The picture above and below gives you an idea of what we're all about.  We set up large tents and many other items to help create outdoor weddings at home properties.  If you look at our website it will tell a story of how it's done and why. 

Tent reception in White Bear Lake MN


I have noticed many family and friends talk about someone they're following online who makes millions.  We're not making millions.  Someday maybe but I wanted to start helping you while we're on the journey.  We don't have it all figured out but have learned so much I wish others could know as they start out. 

Dollar Bills

The Customer

When it comes down to it were all serving people and filling needs.  Many times business loose track of this and start focusing on other things.  They're product or service goes down hill.  This is where you step it being a few steps better than the current players.  


It's possible some needs out there don't have any solutions or only a few.  In this case your jumping into new territory.   

Open For Business

How much startup $$

How much $$ will your start up cost?  Will you have investors or loans?  How about your current job will you leave right away or stay?  

Flexible Payment Planning

You will be Busy!

The average work week is 35-50 hours at a normal 9-5.  I'm not sure what you're used to but with a business you're the one working early and late.  No one will care about the business more than you.  Last summer one of my weeks was 105 hours. 

Shoes on Display

Starting Out

I'm excited you want to start a business!  Not everyone has the drive to make it a reality.  You may hear of the % of business that fail after 2 years.  I'm going to talk about ours which is in good health.  We're not that old of a business so the information we provide is fresh right in the middle of growing and figuring things out.

White Resin Wedding Chairs

The Why?

Why do you want to become a business owner?  Is your goal to make a ton of $$.  Have the freedom to do what you want?  Get more stuff?  Bigger house?  Vacation more?  Make a big difference in the world?  Matter as a person?  Honestly all of these and more has crossed my mind but for us one of the main reasons we have the business is to serve people extremely well by filling a need they have.  

LED globe tent lighting

What are you doing?

What needs are you filling?  What business do you want to start and why?  Who is your customer? 

Colleagues at Work

The Paperwork

We suggest you do everything by to book.  That means no cutting corners.  Do it the right way.  Do you know how to file for a new business in MN/WI?  What legal paperwork will you need?  How will you handle accounting, bank accounts, taxes and regulations?  

Keeping accounts

Want a few pointers?

Thank you I really like talking about business, customer service, marketing and much more.  I get asked often for tips on running a business, operations, and start up.  I'm in the middle of it with our business and would enjoy chatting!


Contact us about our start up business coaching services.

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