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Table Decorator Add-on

For months you have been planning how to decorate the tables.  It's going to be unique and totally represent you and your fiance.  The problem is who is going to set everything up?  Family can take care of it!  Wait a minute they're also getting ready, taking pictures, meeting other guests.  Have us do the work.  $10/table.     

What is it?

There are many items that need to be placed on the tables, centerpieces, gift table, head table, welcome table, food line.  You have already done the the work preparing and have all the supplies, but who is going to set it all up on the wedding day?  That's where we come in!


A Month Prior

Decor supplies are purchased and projects are underway.  It's getting closer.  Your evenings become late night work projects, but it's for a great cause!  

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The Week Of

Many things are happening on your end and all the table decor needs to be placed in boxes or bins with numbers on them.  A master list of what is in each bin helps you with knowing everything is there and makes it efficient for our decorators. 


Keep in mind all materials are provided by you. The decorators perform the setup.

Moving Boxes


-Can they set up dinnerware or glassware?  No, this would a separate package we offer.

-Pour water?  No, this would be a separate package we offer.

-Parking signs, outdoor lighting, flower arrangements?  No, this is up to you.  

-Putting out apps, food, or serving?  No, this would be your responsibility or the catering crew.

-Moving of chairs, or items from the ceremony to the reception?  No, this is a separate package we offer.

In the Classroom

The preperation

Months before the wedding you're busy planning out the vision for the table decor and other elements. 


Pictures & Details

Now that all the elements of the table decor are set we ask for pictures with descriptions to be sent about 10 days before the wedding.  The information will help our decorators plan and know what you expect.  


The Wedding Day

Two decorators arrive already knowing what's expected from the pictures and information provided.  They find the bins and get right to work.


Clean UP Add-On

Hopefully you can tell we enjoy serving!  By the end of the night everyone will be happy but wore out and who wants to clean up anyway?  Sure let's push it to Sunday but again you will still be tired.  We would be happy to add-on the cleanup side of things if you wish. 

Happy Bride and Groom
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