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Tent Wedding Package Upgrades

Tulle Drapery

Tulle drapery is installed in line with the bistro globe lighting.  It blows in the wind and softens the light. 

-40'x40' tent $350

-40x60' $375

-40'x80' $400

-40'x100' $425

-40'x120' $450

Restroom Extra Day

For those who need the restroom trailer the day before the wedding or after.  Used during the rehearsal dinner or Sunday brunch. 

$450 for 50 guests or less. 

Back Drop Pipe

We have a unique system in which we install a pipe frame behind the wedding party or couple.  Then you or a decorator can place drape, lights, and decor over it how you wish.  $100

Center Pole uplights

Each center pole has one up light.  It gives an amazing glow at the top of the tent canopy and along the pole.  Pick any color you wish.  $50/pole. 

Chair Transition

Who is going to move the chairs from the ceremony spot to the tent?  Our team can for $1.75/chair.  300' away or less. 

Overhead Installation

This is a wood frame that goes directly over the wedding party or couple.  You may decorate it or hang items as you see fit. 



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