Top 5 List

We have served many weddings and we enjoy sharing helpful information.  These top 5 lists will give you insights on a variety of tops and a little about us!  We update this list often.

Wedding locations we serve

1.  Backyard of the parents property

2. Backyard of a grandparents/relatives property

3. Family Cabin

4. Farm

5. City Park or Venue


Things Couples forget about

1.  How much power is actually needed on the day

2. If it rains everything is under the tent

3. Dinner takes a while if only one food line

4. DIY items are harder than you think

5. Family is not always reliable for big tasks


Things guests tell us on the day

1.  Wait you're doing all of this

2. Thank you

3. Do you know what's for dinner

4. The restrooms are so cool

5. How long does it take to put up the tent


Things couples say after the day

1.  Thank you

2. It went so fast

3. I'm sad but glad it's over

4. We had so much fun

5. Is there anything you need from us


Heavy items to setup

1.  Tent

2. Dance floor

3. Dinnerware

4. Sound System

5. Sidewalls


Initial questions from couples

1.  Is my city in your service area

2. What is the overall estimate for xyz

3. What size tent do you think I need

4. When is setup and takeaway

5. Do you visit the property first


DSC_0094 - Copy.JPG

We wish couples would

1. Leave all the food and drinks to the pro's

2. Hire a Day of Coordinator that's not family

3. Understand they don't control the weather

4. Put more effort into ceremony planning

5. Build in more time to talk with guests


Behind the Scenes we often see

1.  The couple & family right before they walk

2. Grandparents arriving early and chatting with us

3. Parents working so hard for the bride & groom

4. The first look

5. Sunset photos


Funny things at all weddings

1.  During pictures the wedding party yells woo!

2. A late guest stands by a tree or in the back

3. There is an awkward moment during speeches

4. Everyone is worried about grandma/grandpa

5. Guests get mad if they're last for food


Favorite things

1.  Bride and groom giddy with excitement  

2. The vows

3. Bride or groom tears up during the ceremony

4. Ceremony in October with leaves falling

5. Reception tent lighting and guests dancing

Bonus:  Guests thanking us for a clean restroom