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Unique-Rare Wedding Location Scout

Your imagination

Just throw your ideas out there!  It doesn't matter how crazy they may sound we will try to find a location that fits your style and tells a story.  We're not talking about the everyday venues but the seldom seen diamonds.

Artist Sketching at Desk

The Logistics

We're figuring out the logistics and talking with the location about all aspects of the wedding.  Remember the location we help you choose may not typically have weddings and that's why we need to work through all the details. 

White Truck Parked Nearside

The Location

I love trains and somehow would like to get married on one.  Is there an island I could have my wedding at?  My grandpa worked at this factory in St. Paul.  My finance is a foot ball player is there a stadium we could use?  Let's find out! 

Table Centerpiece

The Day Has Arrived

Our team is there well before you arrive setting up equipment and coordinating all vendors and staff that's required.  We take care of you and your guests on this amazing day with amazing people and a location/venue that didn't seem possible.  Contact us to learn more. 

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