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Telling your story for years to come via videography is a joy for us at Ty’s!


What if we gave you the raw footage?  Our filming style is simple.  We film the main moments, letting you experience them just like your guests did.  We don't edit, change, or add visual or sound effects.


Live Video is new this year and super nice!  We use Ty's Wedding Rental's Facebook page as a host for the video.  The guests who can't make it can watch live from their homes!  This may also help for RSVP's and make you feel better about the far away guests who can't make it.


We would be happy to show you an example!


When booking with us, we discuss in detail your expectations for the wedding day and how we can deliver.  Typically, we take over 3hrs of footage with the full day package.   


We use a high-quality HD/4K camera.    


-Pre-ceremony, ceremony, and 1hr into dinner Videography Package - $325.00

-Full Day Videography Package - $550.00

-Drone Videography Package, 20-minute camera time - $75.00

-Live Video Streaming - $50.00


Note:  Drone Video package and live Video is only available when booking multiple services.




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