1950's Vintage Soda Display

1950's Vintage Soda

Imagine how your guests will react to vintage soda in classic 1950's glass bottles!  The vintage soda package includes two wood coolers, ice, vintage glass soda bottles for all your guests, and a bin for bottle return.

Why Ty's?  Totally Minnesota made and very unique!  It's one extra wedding day service your guests will be talking about.

$125 flat rate service fee

+ $0.70 per guest

We pick up the soda from a local Minnesota company who started a few years ago and has wonderful recipes of the vintage flavors.  The machine that fills the bottles is from the 1950's, and the glass bottles are specific to that era and are no longer made.  For that reason, we need all the bottles returned so that they can continue production with the old machine.


The soda flavors are great and made with real sugar.  Flavor examples include the following: root beer, black cherry, cream soda, fruit punch, orange, grape, lime, grapefruit, blue raspberry cream, caramel cream, cherry limeade, and much more.  We cannot guarantee the exact flavors you can order because production times vary.